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There are nine unreported rape cases for every reported case to police. Go imagine how many girls are gang raped in the broad daylight in this country.

The daughters of our ministers are safe because our ministers have money to hire bodyguards while those of you is better pray hard to God.

Unfortunately, all political parties are too busy for next election and fishing for votes.

Malaysia will overtake South Africa as the highest rape crime per capita in the world soon with the current trend continues.

Malaysia [1960] -> Bolehland [1980s under Mahathir] -> Bodohland [2000s under Ahamad Badawi] -> Rapeland [2010s under Najib] => HELL? [2020]







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damien says:

any update on the rape case of the sungai petani girl seven years ago by a son of a datuk who fled to australia?

nkkhoo says:

Chinese newspapers reported the case.

Ajiboy says:

Two men in bolehland who confessed to having sex with under-aged and but they are not prosecuted under Malaysian law. Does that mean BN CONDONES RAPE? It must be, because even when you are in govt, you do not do anything about it for if you did, these men would be in jail serving a sentence and the rakyat would be protected. Now those rapists and paedophiles are still roaming the streets in Malaysia.