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PM Najib visited national library

PM Najib visited the national library to borrow three books related to current affairs in Malaysia.

He asked the librarian where is the book titled [How to reduce corruption in Malaysia?]

Librarian replied quickly, “YB PM, the book is in the sci-fi section.”

PM Najib asked again where is another book titled [Malaysia racial unity under Barisan Nasional].

Librarian replied in disbelieving tone, “Sir, the book is in the warfare section as usual.”

Finally PM Najib asked naively where is another book titled [Insight on the crime in Malaysia].

Librarian replied with unpleasant tone, “Sir, the book must be in the statistics section lah!.”

Disclaimer: The joke is not a real story. A nkkhoo’s original creation, the copyrights reserved.

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ㅡ미묘냠 ㅖ뇨 says:

Maverick Dr M available for loan or not ? I can’t find it in Korea here.

Chua Soi Lek’s “How To Fxxx With wife’s consent” awaiting publishing. I suggest nkkhoo write the foreword.

eddie says:

where the book on “Insight on the crime in Malaysia”
Librarian obviously reply “Sir, the book has been stolen!!!”