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PR is not helping poor rakyat in four states under them

The PKNS flat on the right in Kampung Baru is my first year hostel.

MB Selangor answered only 287 low cost houses built by Selangor PR government is an awakening call on how PR has screwed up poor rakyat.

Tony Pua should understand low cost houses already built [287 units] and still under planning and in progress [23,637 units] is two different stories.

Tony Pua, don’t try to spin like Nazri on RM 40 million black money for Sabah Chief Minister and naively to believe all Malaysians are hardcore DAP and UMNO supporters with no brain to analyze any issue.

The same pathetic answer was given by Lim Guan Eng in Penang by saying he has VISION to build 50,000 Singapore HDB grade affordable flats in Batu Kawan after BN had exposed not a single low cost house was planned and built by PR Penang government itself.

A low cost flat build planning and completion should not more than three years from my understanding on construction industry in Malaysia although getting all construction permits is very time consuming.

Please do not show voters that PR governments are only good on empty promise, paper work planning and vision for last four and a half years.

There are tons of opportunity for politicians to spread lies when documents from the government are classified as secret documents. BN and PR are in the same category in spreading lies.

Who to believe? None of them.

I only believe hard evidence like meeting minutes, assembly transcripts, etc.

Donald Lim proven wrong on S’gor housing

DAP MPs Tony Pua and Teo Nie Ching today rebutted Selangor MCA chairperson Donald Lim by showing him that not one percent, but 25 percent of planned low to medium cost housing in the state has been completed.

The DAP representatives said that Selangor’s reply to the state assembly clearly states that 5,526 units of low-medium and medium cost housing have been completed.

This is about 25 percent of the 23,637 planned by the Selangor government, contradicting Lim’s claim in the Dewan Rakyat that “not a single low or medium cost home has been built” by Selangor since March 2008.

“Lim appears to have conveniently read only half the response by the state government,” they said in the statement following a site visit to a soon-to-be completed affordable home project in Bangi.

They added that as a civil engineer, Lim should know that 25 percent completion in four years is “commendable” as “planning, approving and constructing houses isn’t like ordering a plate of char koay teow”.

Besides the Bangi project, the state government is also building 135 units of affordable homes in Sungai Long which is due for completion next year, and 563 units in Shah Alam, they said.

Exco: Retract statement or resign

They added that the homes are built by the Selangor government even though affordable homes is the obligation of the federal Housing and Local Government Ministry.

In a separate statement, Selangor executive councillor in charge of housing Iskandar Samad ( right ) has called for Lim to “retract his statement or resign”.

“Lim’s claim is not factual, (it is) negligent, confusing and not fitting of a deputy minister.

“I will announce the list of all affordable homes currently under construction on Nov 1 to give Lim to chance to retract his claim,” he said.

He said that not only is the state actively building affordable homes themselves, they are also encouraging commercial developers to do the same.

“Affordable homes in Selangor are priced at RM85,000 to RM150,000, far lower then affordable homes built by the federal government, which is sold for up to RM300,000,” he said.

The 800-1000 square feet homes are available for Selangor residents earning between RM2,500 to RM5,000.

12,000 affordable homes by 2021

Meanwhile, Selangor State Development Corporation (PKNS) general manager Abdul Ghani Hashim said PKNS plans to build more than 12,000 affordable houses around Selangor from 2011 to 2021.

“A total of 12,242 house units will be built in Bandar Baru Bangi, Antara Gapi, Kota Puteri, Gombak, Seksyen U12, Taman Sains Selangor II and Bandar Sultan Suleiman in this set period,” he said.

In an exclusive interview with Sinar Harian , he said the homes are priced below market price at RM150,000 and under, and will cost PKNS RM1.1 billion in subsidies alone.

“In Bukit Botak, there are 1,422 housing units that are nearing completion. I expect to receive the certificates of occupancy by next January or February and perhaps in March, people can start to move in… In Bangi, there are more than 100 housing units that are 70 percent completed”.

He added that tender will be called for the Kampung Seri Temenggung, Gombak project, permission obtained for planning in Antara Gapi while the Kota Puteri project is being finalised.

Tony Pua Must Furnish Details On Affordable Houses In Selangor, Says Donald Lim

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 24 (Bernama) — Petaling Jaya Utara MP Tony Pua has been challenged to furnish details to support his claim that the Selangor state government had built 23,637 affordable homes, costing under RM100,000 each, in the state.

Deputy Finance Minister Datuk Donald Lim Siang Chai said the DAP politician had given the figure in the Dewan Rakyat yesterday, although in fact, there were only about 1,000 units built since 2008.

“If what is said by Tony is true, why didn’t the state government make any announcement about it and I want to know more information on the matter, such as the locations and how many people have moved into the completed houses,” he told reporters at the Parliament’s Lobby, here, Wednesday.

Yesterday, during the Dewan sitting, Lim, who is also MCA Selangor chairman, had slammed the Selangor state government for its failure to build affordable houses for its people.

Lim said PKNS, the the Selangor government’s development arm, also seemed to be more interested building high-end houses compared to low and medium cost houses, thus unable to fulfil the people’s aspiration to own a house in the state.


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Jeff says:

If MCA is sincere in building affordable homes they could have done it years and ages ago. What happen to all Kojadi membership fees and savings? when election near all they do is bark wild allegations and baseless accusations.

nkkhoo says:

MCA is opposition in Selangor, barking is their job.

Fanny says:



stanley says:

are you suing Tian Chua or vice versa ?

Tian Chua is brave and NkKhoo yet to prove himself in the public yet.

nkkhoo says:

This PR man is very hated by DAP men during seat allocation negotiation.

Brave?? Blocking a FRU truck by sit in on the road is brave? Any idiot also knows police is not stupid to roll over him under the eyes of the whole world.

Try do the same trick in the deserted jungle?

glee says: becomes more like tabloit with “small paper” news.
times are bad and nkkhoo does not have to resort to such means to gain readership.
i advise him to go to the grounds (eg with Tian Chua) to gain more insightful and credible information.
if other bloggers can pick up vital fresh inside info; I am sure nkkhoo can do likewise.

nkkhoo says:

Bad news against PR is tabloit…LOL

Do you think Tian Chuan is a saint? He is better to buy anti-spy camera device for his own benefit.

I will not hesitate to upload any lust video from PR politicians if I got it from insider.

muar chee says:

not all Bernama news are skewed; and it’s the intelligence of a non-idiotic bloggers to choose where to quote from.

Stephen says:

Rakyat should not hope for low-cost housing as J1bby’s administration has promised us high income by 2020. Just wait another 8 years, then everyone can afford houses from IJM, Setia, Mah Sing, UEM… in the meantime, just spend your money to boost our nation consumption rate to improve GDP towards 2020 vision!

nkkhoo says:

Chua Soi Lek told you if BN was so screwed up, it would be knocked out 50 years ago. It sounds arrogant, but is a truth.

BN won continuously in all general elections meaning the opposition was very weak.

Instead of admitting its own weaknesses, opposition keeps telling BN is more screw up and blame BN even itself is a governing party in four separate states.

DAP supporters keep telling Penang is doing well under LGE but cannot tell which area is really improved under PR.

Drawing a few bicycle lanes on the road is only tangible result so far.

Surplus in budget was created from manipulating accounting book like transfer asset to Federal government and change of account name.

nkkhoo says:

Same idiots have no idea to rebut me except telling Bernama news is a junk. Funny thing is Malaysiakini also subscribed and used Bernama news, so Malaysiakini must be a junk as well.