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Why you cannot say 'The Sultans are idiots' in the internet in Malaysia?

In answering many queries on this question from the rakyat and also be an awareness campaign to remind Malaysians and foreigners do not utter anything bad about Malay Sultans online such as the sultans are idiots.

Three BN ministers had called a media conference in parliament.

The Mis-information Minister, Rais Yatim explained, “Our sultans have to prove themselves not the idiots as accused online in the court under The Evidence Act.”

Star and NST reporters replied enthusiastically, “True, true, true.”

The Household Affairs Minister, Hishamuddin explained, “That piece of information is a national top secret under The Official Secret Act.”

Star and NST reporters nodded their heads, “True, true, true.”

The Non-portfolio Law Minister, Nazri explained, ” You have to apply for a police permit 10-day in advance to call “The Sultans are idiots.” online under The Peaceful Assembly Act.

Star and NST reporters clapped their hands, “True, true, true.”

See at least three acts to ban you from calling our sultan an idiot. Do not say I am not warning you ahead about the jungle laws in Malaysia.

[Disclaimer: The joke is not a real story.]

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