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Samy Vellu is a top magician in Malaysia

A several hundred MIC members protested against two blocks of 29-storey new condominium project in Batu Caves. Samy Vellu was invited as a honorary guest and speaker to the crowd.

He proudly announced that he has magical power to make the condominium disappearing from thin air instead of asking PR government to cancel it.

The Indian crowd booed him, “Datuk Seri, don’t bluff lah, you should walking to Sungai Siput to fulfill your promise made in 2008.”

Samy Vellu just smiling and asking his part-time handsome assistant named nkkhoo to present a hard evidence as below to prove his supernatural power is not a hoax.

Yes, Samy Vellu had made all lamp posts on a 15-year old bridge crossing Muar River disappearing when he was a Works Minister.

The key witnesses for the magic show are DPM Muhyiddin Yassin and late Ghafar Baba because the bridge is located in Pagoh constituency.

I expect opposition in Pagoh making noise about missing lamp posts.

Unfortunately there is totally no PR voice in Pagoh constituency in normal days. But PR expects Pagoh voters to vote any PR candidate who only appear once a five year.

There are four parliament seats in Muar and Tangkak, PR only forms three election committees to take care for Muar, Bakri and Ledang seats. Pagoh seat is an abandoned child for PR because PR knows zero chance to beat Muhyiddin Yassin.

I did not vote in last GE for a PAS candidate, and will do the same for GE13 in Pagoh constituency regardless PR candidate is from PR or DAP or PKR.

All my siblings dislike BN do not mean we will blindly to vote for PR candidate who only appear shortly before GE.

We all decided not to vote in GE12 as a silent protest against BN and PR.

[Disclaimer: The story is a fiction, but the missing lamp poles on the 15-year old bridge is a real story.]

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jeff says:

Samy Vellu is a raja lawak?

Samy said in a ceramah:

“Kita akan bina satu jambatan untuk orang-orang kampong disini.”

One pakcik asked, “Datuk, sini takde sungai, buat apa bina jambatan?”

and Samy gloriously replied,

“Kalau takde sungai, kita bina sungai!”

jeff says:

Mr Samy Vellu went for the United Nations’ meeting. He represented the Malaysian Prime Minister. All nations were
discussing about space exploration by the year 2008.
Here are some of the conversations:
China Delegate : “By the year 2008, China will start their moon exploration project.”
Russian Delegate : “We too, we are going to explore the moon. This time we will see to it that our cosmonauts will step on the moon.”

George Bush & Clinton : “We the United States will also explore the moon for the second time.”
Malaysian Delegate : “By the year 2008, Malaysia will explore the sun.”

There was a long silence. Bush stood up and asked the Malaysian delegate
“Isn’t it too hot to explore the sun?”
Samy Vellu (after a long silence) : “We will do it in the

Disclaimer: This is just a joke.

rajasekaran says:


ABU says:

Many people make the same mistake as you did. You thought abstaining (of course it’s your right) from voting you show your protest.

If you are smart, you will vote OUT UMNO-BN. You see under PR government you will have more freedom to protest or voice your concerns. Under UMNO-BN you are suppressed. Of course you will ask how sure am I. I will ask what have you to lose anyway to vote for PR? One thing for sure I know in PR there are many deserving candidates. In UMNO-BN what do you get? Fools and corrupted!

It’s like playing chess, you sometime sacrifice a valuable piece in order to win the game.

Watch The Three Kingdom drama. You will learn a thing or two.

nkkhoo says:

BN under Muhyiddin did a lot of good services to Pagoh voters except he still cannot get the money to put up the lamp posts.

I was told by a MCA friend that several millions over budget for the bridge. The money for lamp posts was made “missing” by someone from JKR.

I do not expect PR offers the same service as opposition, but total absent in Pagoh constituency is unforgiving. DAP has made a lot of noises in other parliament seats.

Should we give free lunch to any politician? You should dream for it by simply using ABU slogan.

stanley says:

even Zaid Ibrahim now expects Pakatan to win, nkkhoo what waiting 4 ?

nkkhoo says:

PR is over confidence. PR will lose Selangor and Kedah in GE13, take my word.

siew b says:

nkkhoo should run as an independent candidate next GE for Muar district. Gat a sponsor in case you lose your deposit.
there are some like you who dislike bn and pakatan, and they can vote for you.
otherwise, just join mca youth or dap youth and set a vision for Muar. AND get the lamposts back to Muar !

nkkhoo says:

British took several hundred years before a third force is becoming a formidable force. No third force in USA after 200 plus years.

This is a main weakness in democracy system.

An American friend said he had never voted because he disliked both democratic and republic candidates. This is main reason only 60%+ voters in America cast their votes in any presidency election.

BN won 2/3 continually for last 50 years because of many third forces until opposition formed PR alliance in GE12.