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What is so great with Lee Chong Wei until all Chinese newspapers carried his wedding matter like a national hero?

He is not even a gold medalist in Olympics and he is also not the first Malaysian won the silver medal.

Set aside his pro-BN political stance which I can accept it as a part of democracy, but the overwhelming coverage in the Chinese newspapers is disproportion to his status as a national badminton player who is living under Lin Dan’s shadow.

I respect him as an excellent sportsman, but his media team is truly overkill in marketing for a private function which will spoil his good image as a sportsman.

Such opulent party is truly necessary when 95% Malaysia households are still earning less than RM3000 per month?

Or this is Malaysian Chinese way of gaining more cheap publicity with their private business?

> Namewee manipulated his private national anthem.

> Chua Soi Lek manipulated his private show.

> Alvin Tan manipulated his private part.

> Lee Chong Wei is manipulating his private wedding.

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yonghua says:



nkkhoo says:

Lee Yongbo is living in the cocoon. Most Chinese are no long respect that unfilial son after such as shit treatment on his father. He has to live like MCA with full blessing from UMNO for his bright future.

Jamri says:

Ching Wei should keep his wedding as a private affair, but he choose to create publicity and make more money in the process from sponsors.

Yokoyoko says:

Why soooo many jealous and bad-mouth people around who can,t see others hapiness. Those who like to bad-mouth should go and see doctor for some medication. As every Malaysian know that LCW is our great hero and of course his big day must advertised big too so that fans like us will able to catch up with his latest news. What’s wrong?? If you don’t like it, don’t read or listen, just take your medication.

nkkhoo says:

What the heck I cannot criticize a newspapers I bought with my money?

I think you should take your medication first to cure UMNO-disease, a big spender.

Let correct your paranoid, not every Malaysian sees LCW is a hero. My hero is those Malaysian fellows who earn their living legally and not wasting resources for fame and cheap publicity.

There are 5 million households in Malaysia with monthly income less than RM 3,000 must be very jealous on LCW’s opulent wedding ceremony.

May be LCW cannot beat Lin Dan in badminton court, he can beat him in wedding party. LOL

Bed Min Ton says:

Chong Wei wants ublicity for his construction company, inviting mang VIPs so that lubang availabe later.

May be Astro may carry the wedding event live ?

Nkkhoo, do you remeber former national players like Saw Swee Leong etc ????

nkkhoo says:

Just be a crony to Rosmah is enough for him, he can get hundred million housing projects like what my friend get from Nazri with a condition, 5% kickback is a must.

Yes, already forget Saw Swee Leong.

Fanny says:



ps: 李晓慧,好!有骨气!马国媒体正缺少像你这种刚正的人物!

nkkhoo says:

The media bosses are spinless stock, not the reporters. NTV7 reporter seems has removed her bashing against LCW.

Fanny says: