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20-30% Chinese support is called supporting MCA and BN?

I thought MCA machai has better arithmetic skill than UMNO racist boss to comprehend 30% is 3 out 10, not 7 out 10.

Instead of asking BN government to disburse necessary funds from the national budget to Chinese schools, what MCA good for is non-stop fund raising campaign from the Chinese community to fill the deficits in school schools.

It’s better for Chua to dissolve MCA and ask MCA members to convert to Muslims and then join UMNO as non-voting right associated members.

Dr Chua: Chinese voters continue to support MCA and Barisan Nasional
By Chong Chee Seong

MUAR: The series of “mega dinners” held by the MCA will be extended to more locations nationwide, said party president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek.

He said the move comes in the wake of the good response the events had been receiving so far.

Two recent dinners held in Kulaijaya on Saturday and Muar on Sunday, had attracted crowds numbering 15,000 and 8,000 people, respectively.

Dr Chua said the dinners allowed the Chinese community to be informed about dirty tactics employed by opposition parties such as the DAP and advised the Chinese not to be hoodwinked by the empty promises made by DAP.

Dr Chua said voters wanted first-hand information about the current state of the country’s politics, before making their choice in the upcoming general election.

“The Chinese voters are responding well to MCA’s call for stability. More development will follow if the country is harmonious,” he said at the opening of ‘Malam Mesra Rakyat’ MCA at the Sultan Ibrahim Stadium in Muar on Sunday night.

The dinner was jointly organised by the four MCA divisions of Muar, Bakri, Pagoh and Ledang.

Free blue T-shirts written with slogans sich as ‘Say No to Pas Hudud’ and ‘ DAP bankrupt in 2 years’ were distributed to attendees.

Dr Chua said he was touched by the sea of blue T shirt-clad people who braved the drizzle, as they clearly demonstrated their undivided support to the MCA and Barisan Nasional.

Meanwhile, the dinner in Muar was a platform for diners to collect donations to assist Chinese schools.

Dr Chua presented a RM300,000 contribution to 58 Chinese primary schools, and another RM20,000 each to Sekolah Menengah Chung Hwa in Muar and Sekolah Menengah Pei Hwa.

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ks tan says:

kota tinggi mass mca resignation known by locals and mainstream media asked not to heboh such ubah angin.

Ernie says:


华社子子孙孙不能接受和原谅, 看看每年华人注重的清明节日,有多少华人自愿到来墓碑拜拜(除有时聊聊几个马华领导人外),就可知华社子孙有多么不满马华公会。



nkkhoo says:

MCA was abandoned by Chinese in GE 12. All state and parliament seats won by MCA is through Malay votes.

That is why MCA is no longer respected by UMNO.

bhaskar says:

At least the chinese community dare to go up against MCA. I am ashamed that the Indian community can make some noise via Hindraf but would back down once they are offered some instant goodies. That is why MIC will outlive MCA and the Indian community will continue to suffer.

SK Chua says:

MCA made a big mistake in Independent school matter in Kuantan, and will be punished by the chinese community in the GE.

Baki says:


yong says:

if mca comes to my town, i sure go for the food and lucky draw.

as for chua cd, i think he is the worse mca chief. GE13 will embarass him if his sex life has not.

Chua Tee Yong may have many half-bros & half sis judging by his father’s sexual appetite.

Jeff says:

将左口袋的钱转入右口袋这是蔡cd的口头弹,国阵不讲不错,越讲越错,连他们老大的骗钱技两都说穿了,污桶和马花就是在这50年来左边口袋转去右边的口袋,然后再转去自己的裤袋,此招已经用了五十多年,就是很好用,不过用了五十多年终该会让人识穿的,所谓猎犬终须山上丧,准备后事吧。 一掬恭,二掬恭,再掬恭,家属谢礼,狗阵皆哀啦。

Wai Kin says:

Many left the mega dinner the moment Chua SL began his speech:

Wai Kin says:

In-fighting within MCA in Johor?

since you are from Muar, can you tell us who is better for Muar/Bakri: 李俊滽 or 馮嫊嵐??

According to report, Chua SL prefers the former.

nkkhoo says:

Lee is a very hard working person and having good connection with the local Chinese grassroot leaders. DAP is facing a real challenger in Bakri parliamentary seat.

Jamri says:

What is the infighting? Nkkhoo please comment.

nkkhoo says:

MCA is a like any political party with factions within party. For instance, Ledang MCA supports anti-Chua faction.

johan says:

higher moral value now until you get caught like chua cd ?

nkkhoo says:

In Chinese moral value, a marriage man should not behave like Chua CD betraying his own wife. No matter how many girls I fxxx now, I am still stand in higher moral ground than Chua CD.

Even before the porn CD was circulated, there was rumor about his playboy lifestyle.

Not sure Malay moral value is allowed a marriage man to fxxx girls freely like Chua CD.

debbie says:

This Chua CD is desperate.
For once he should focus his energy in Johor as the fortress is crunmbling fast now.

nkkhoo, you can attend the dinner (got lucky draw and beautiful girls) and update us, ok ?

nkkhoo says:

I have a higher moral value than Chua CD.