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A lesson for local girls who pray Mat Salleh like a God

The girl wanted to seek revenge for a broken relationship with the Mat Salleh, but without consider legal consequences.

She lost the defamation case and was asked to pay RM 1,000,000 because of no money to hire lawyer. Instead of shutting up her mouth as ordered by the court, she continued to publish defamatory remarks in her Facebook.

She faced contempt of court charge and a jail term is awaiting for her. The lesson is the girl has to pay RM 1,000,000 to Mat Saleh who already got free fxxx with her.

A Chinese saying, a good dog will be bullied by the man. She is a good dog, her wrong barking hurts her more.

If you do not have monetary resources to fight someone in the court, go find alternative ways which may be legal or illegal.

Student cited for contempt of court over defamatory postings

By Rita Jong 0 comments

KUALA LUMPUR: The former girlfriend of a Canadian teacher has been cited for contempt after she disobeyed an order which prohibited her from posting defamatory remarks against him on the Internet.

High Court judicial commissioner Vazeer Alam Mydin Meera ruled that Lee Ching Yan, 28, a student, had breached a court order dated Nov 30 last year by posting derogatory remarks against Lee David Clayworth, 35, via Facebook, e-mails and various sites.

Vazeer said Lee had also posted remarks against the court which was deemed serious. “To make it worse, she has chosen not to be present in court today although she was notified of today’s proceedings,” said Vazeer.

“The court must take action against Lee. She must be responsible for her actions.” Vazeer said a warrant will be issued against Lee and she will be imposed with a custodial sentence. The judicial commissioner, however, will want to hear her mitigation before sentencing her.

He said the Immigration Department will also be notified of the court’s decision and she would be nabbed if she tried to leave the country.

Clayworth, a teacher at an International School, filed a suit against Lee on April 6 last year for defamation and was awarded RM1 million in general and aggravated damages, in August.

In her postings, Lee implied that Clayworth was, among other things, intoxicated, lustful, promiscuous, a liar, and had made a pornographic video.

In his statement of claim, Clayworth said Lee had broken into his residence on Jan 18, 2011, and stole his laptop, which she had used to send defamatory messages to everyone on his contact lists through his Hotmail, Facebook, Skype and MSN Messenger.

He also claimed Lee had produced photographs of him in the nude and attached them to an e-mail dated Feb 21, 2011, which she had sent to his friends, colleagues and students, including lecturers and staff at his workplace.

Lee raised the defence of denial of publication, and filed a counter claim against Clayworth for harassment, which was later dismissed. Counsel Ken St. James and Harleen Kaur represented Clayworth while Lee was unrepresented.

Yesterday, St James also urged the court for consequential orders against service providers of the social networks and websites to remove any references concerning the plaintiff and to block or deny access to the links and contents.

He also sought an order to direct Lee’s parents to appear in court to explain her conduct and reveal her whereabouts. Vazeer said a warrant arrest has already been issued against Lee. He also fixed Dec 4 for case management.

He added that he had to sort out these issues first before dealing with the request of having Lee’s parents appear in court.

The comment board with Facebook account.
poon says:

why delete her comment? She say what? Nvm let her say la..

nkkhoo says:

She invited you to visit her Facebook if you are her friend.

I will not repeat any deleted comment in the future.

Lee Ching Yan says:

The comment is intentionally deleted for offensive email address.

poon says:

heard that her claim of being an irish citizen is untrue. That’s why she has to marry there. So can stay longer. Since now cannot come back here

nkkhoo says:

I sympathize her for losing a legal battle against a foreigner in our own land and have to be a fugitive in overseas.

I will teach the angmoh a Malaysia style lesson if I were her.

JYT says:

Not to worry. If BN wins PRU13, she can always go to Sabah for new IC so long as she changed her name to Chingyan Aminah. Procesing fee only RM10.

SK Chua says:

Ching Yan is living with 60’s mindset.
Europe is in a mess right now and those caucasians are no longer in demand now. I would not be surprised if Ching Yan has to support her Irish beau in the near future.

nkkhoo says:

Mainland Chinese today still believe getting a white partner is a very proud and fashionable thing.

poon says:

Ching Yan,

Why were you so bitter to even post all those messages on the fella and after that the judge too? Let it go girl…

Lee Ching Yan says:

Thanks for your wishes. No worries at all. Im getting married soon and i am required to follow my husband’s name. So there will be no traces at all from my passport because Ireland is not a communist country, we do not have identity card. I will be back to Malaysia in no time. Like you say, Bodohland is too ‘bodoh’ to keep someone in or out of its own country.

I will definitely look into your advice for my future defaming action.

nkkhoo says:

I’ll make change from inside the Bodohland until a majority of Malaysians can think for themselves.

Bodoh people are not only from BN supporters, a bunch of anti-Lynas people are also bodoh people who follow others blindly.

Maybe less than 10% Malaysians can think with their brains, the others are opinion and trend followers.

Lee Ching Yan says:

I see that you have tried to improve your vocabulary with some fancy words. Well done!

nkkhoo says:

Good luck, Irish girl. Malaysia is your forbidden land, make sure you never visit Malaysia again, otherwise you will get free curry rice from Malaysian government.

If I were you, I would told the court that the comments in my Facebook not from me.

Who posted them? I do not know.

The plaintiff has to prove you have posted the comments with solid forensic evidence.

In case the plaintiff can prove the IP address is from your PC and ISP account.

Then the next answer is maybe is someone hacking into my Facebook, my PC and ISP account.

The case is closed and you are innocent until you are proven guilty.

This above argument is valid only before the Evidence Act amendment is enforced lately.

Lee Ching Yan says:

I have honestly never seen a dog getting on the internet. Just the thought of it shows how bizarre a person’s mind works.

First of all, i am an Irish citizen. I am coming back to my own country and not running away. The last few comments have obviously made it really difficult for you to understand. I will try to simplified my English as much as possible for your convenience.

I do not need to fight to win the case as i know i have won. At least in the sense of monetary and self amusement. Malaysia is not my home. Is just a country part of my ancestors choose to reside in. Like you had mentioned and i agreed, wasting money on an ‘ang moh kau’ is plain stupid. I wouldn’t usually use such a racist remark as i respect individuals for who they are. As much as i like to respect you as a person, i find it interesting that you call your own country Bodohland but hates Caucasian. You sound really bitter in my opinion. But obviously, my opinion does not matter as this is your blog and you are the keyboard warrior.

To sums it up, i am glad that the unfair justice system of Malaysia actually happen on me and not some other poor Malaysians that have no place to go when their own country wouldn’t protect them ( and that could happen to you if you are Malaysian)

Regarding your Petronas case, i have no knowledge of it. You might like to enlighten me.

nkkhoo says:

The fact is you fought the case and lost it to ang mo kau in Kuala Lumpur.

Why you hired a lawyer buruk to fight your case in the first place if you are not a Malaysian? That is a plain stupidity because Malaysia court has no jurisdiction to call up foreigners to its kangaroo court.

You dare to call yourself an Irish with good English, but you have tiny brain to understand why I call Malaysia is a Bodohland.

The leaders in this country are bodoh and its people also bodoh to elect bodoh politicians for 54 years as their national leaders.

A land with bodoh leaders with the full support from 60% bodoh people. What name do you want to give to such a land other than Bodohland?

I have never hated white people, but only sniffed on some Asian girls who worship the Caucasian males like God.

I am still no good as you in tying defamation remarks in the Facebook, you are an armchair expert, better than many bloggers in Malaysia.

I have brain and courage to defend myself in court, and therefore do not need any government or political party to protect me.

Lee Ching Yan says:

You probably didn’t realise I put my name there. But to point out the obvious, I got a plane out with no bother and been living back in Ireland for the past 6months.

Ireland is a developed country of strong human rights, don’t worry,I’ll be alright as I’ve been told by the citizen’s right department.

There’s always the bright side of a story and for anyone who think with a brain, I don’t mind sharing at all. Just please be liberal before putting a label on anything. Like I said, my contact is still there. Don’t mind making a new friend before they pass judgement on me.

nkkhoo says:

Who is in the internet is not important for me, a trained dog can be online as well.

The contempt of court is nothing to do with the human rights, you will be punished in Ireland for the same offence.

Just make sure you never come back to Bodohland again. That is damn stupid for anyone has to run away from own country due to ang moh kau.

Keep on praying white man like a God, and this is a wake-up call for other Malaysian girls especially to those materialistic Chinese girls.

How I defended myself against a biggest company in Malaysia, Petroans who is cash rich to hire a team of best lawyers in Malaysia?

I had humiliated Petronas in the first trial with solid legal arguments, and they have to withdraw all false charges against me after 8 years of dragging game. They had no gut to go on for more trials in court after the first trial.

I was betrayed by my lawyer too for overlooking 6-year grace period, otherwise I will counter sue Petronas for the wrongful charges.

Obviously, you do not have brain to fight someone in court.

Lee Ching Yan says:

Wow, what a brilliant article. You’ve report it so well as if you personally know them. However, there are a few flaws with your research.

1. The lack of monetary resources was never an issue. Her father is a civil engineer, mother an international marketing consultant, brother a dentist and she runs a few online companies. It’s just unnecessary to spend good money on Malaysian justice system.

2. Legal consequences have definitely been considered. She just decided to ignore them as the Malaysian court will never get her. Why? Because she is an Irish citizen and plan to return to Ireland anyway.

3. She did hire a lawyer. The cheapest and lousiest one. It’s the fact that knowing Mr Lee David Clayworth is paying more than RM100,000 to his lawyer while Ms Lee paid less than RM10,000 that makes her smile everytime. Even if she lost the case, she is heading back to Ireland, remember? Hence, not shutting her mouth is a wise choice.

4. I am not too sure what ‘pray Mat Salleh like a god’ means. Praying all the Caucasians to be Gods? Or worshiping Caucasians like a God. I would assume the latter. If that is what you meant, there were no evident of an altar with a picture of any Caucasian in Ms Lee’s residence.

I have include my email address with this comment. If you’d like to get know me better, i welcome any kind of responses. Because obviously you don’t and i do not appreciate individuals makes assumption before getting to know me. Don’t worry, i don’t judge and i am extremely nice as i’ve been told 🙂

nkkhoo says:

Hire a lawyer buruk with RM10,000 is worst than fighting at your own. There are legal ways to wash her hands off if her cheap lawyer knows how to defend her case.

The Immigration Department will stop her from leaving the country unless she smuggles out through the Malaysia-Thai border.

If Malaysia had signed repatriation agreement with Ireland, this stupid girl can mob her buttock with grease to enjoy our dirty jail cell.