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BN and PR are the same for having dual examinations for bumi and non-bumi

As highlighted by MCA Youth leader, Wee Ka Siang that there were only 9% Chinese students in UKM new intake this year.

How many Chinese students can score 3.6 and above CPA in STPM for a place in UKM? My nephew is a few and rare one who managed to enter UKM.

In overall, Chinese student percentage in local public universities has dropped to less than 10% although Chinese population in Malaysia is about 25%.

Since Malaysian Chinese are in the disadvantaged group (literally speaking Chinese students are more stupid compared to Malays based on actual data) in higher education, what the new policy is going to be taken and implemented by BN and PR to rectify this problem.

> MCA solution is asking your parents to pay two taxes, one is for public universities and another is for MCA-owned universities like UTAR and private universities if their children fail to enter public university.

> DAP solution is barking up like a mad dog against MCA and UMNO without asking PR to abolish matrikulasi and STPM exams for a unified examination in its Orange Book.

UMNO merit-based selection based on matrikulasi and STPM will reduce Chinese percentage to a single digit and Indian percentage to less than 1% in pubic universities forever.

P/S: This posting is emailed to Lim Guan Eng, Lim Kiat Siang and Chua Soi Lek for their pleasure reading.



她今日對星洲日報說,該大學在錄取新生的程序和方式保持不變,都是根據績效評估表現遴選(based on merit)新生,但華裔學生錄取率低的原因不詳。










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Hummer says:

Wee KS has not addressed double standard exams yet !

nkkhoo says:

What do you expect from spinless MCA politikus and Ths Star.

Malaysiakini and FreeMalaysiaToday carried my bashing on this issue.

Jamri says:

Malays opt for matrikulasi as STPM is too difficult to pass.
Perkasa once said this is hak melayu.

nkkhoo says:

This is not affirmation action to help disadvantaged group, it’s a divide and rule policy.

ongwht says: