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To auntie in a coffee shop at Bandar Damai Perdana

The auntie showed me a copy of bilingual Selangor Times when I ate mixed rice in her stall this afternoon.

She asked me whom I support? I replied her, “None”.

Instead of explaining my reasoning, I asked her to read Chinese articles in my blog. Before I left the shop, she showed me my blog after she asked her daughter to open it with smartphone.

I believe more urban Chinese will support PR in GE13 if the auntie is a barometer.

Selangor PR government’s mouthpiece, Selangor Times.

The comment board with Facebook account.
Purdeep Singh says:

Harakath tells the truth 99% for they have fear for GOD; while UMNOputras not.

nkkhoo says:

No comment on someone’s belief, only their God knows.

Purdeep Singh says:

Johor urban an rural malays are shifting support. According to Harakath, 14 out of 26 Johor parliamentary constituencies enjoying less than 50 percent support for UMNO and BN, Melaka has replaced the state as UMNO’s fortress. Among the seats are Segamat, Labis, Ledang, Bakri, Muar, Batu Pahat, Kluang, Gelang Patah, Tebrau, Pasir Gudang, Tebrau, Johor Bharu, Pulai and Kulai.

nkkhoo says:

Harakah is PAS mouthpiece. Just listen it is ok, but don’t believe any news favors PAS.

Jeff says:


I suggest you and the auntie watch this excellent video (in mandarin) about the history of our nation since Merdeka. Surely Prof KKK will not relate in this way:

Kismis says:

This is an excellent article by Victor Lim that you shoudl translate for the auntie:


I woke this morning and found an interesting e-mail, asking all the right questions. I do not know how long the content of the e-mail has been in circulation but it sure depicts the frustrations of Malaysians in general with their super corrupt Umno-led Barisan Nasional government.

If anything, the e-mail indicates Malaysians are not so gullible anymore to the mere rhetoric of BN leaders and are asking all the right questions that affect their daily lives and the country they love. It also shows there is still hope to save Malaysia from an evil and greedy regime which is bent on bankrupting the country to enrich their cronies and the elite.

This explains why our federal debt is believed to be at RM800 billion or more now, not the official RM502.4 billion as claimed in Budget 2013. The RM502.4 billion is a mere 1.3% short of the 55% legislated federal debt ceiling.

The recent arrogant and ridiculous response of BN leaders, including ministers, towards allegations of corrupt practices show how they have taken for granted the peoples’ support for the BN (formerly Alliance) for the past 55 years.

They insult our intelligence with stupid statements, thinking we are still living in tree houses, and nonchalantly continue with their unabated corrupt ways. This, they are able to do, because they are in full control of all government institutions, including enforcement agencies and the Judiciary, which they unabashedly exploit and abuse to serve their political gravy train agenda.

Dissenters and whistleblowers are intimidated by government institutions, like the ongoing crackdown on human rights non-governmental organisation Suaram. The vindictive BN-Umno regime is clearly going after Suaram for lodging a report in France and causing the ongoing judicial probe on allegations of RM574 million in kickbacks over the sale of the French-made Scorpene submarines by Malaysia’s Defence Ministry.

The ministry, then under Najib Tun Razak who is now the prime minister, bought the two submarines at RM6.7 billion in 2009. The purchase is also marred by the murder of a beautiful Mongolian interpreter, Altantuya Shaariibuu, who was engaged by Najib’s crony Abdul Razak Baginda.

Altantuya was murdered on Oct 18, 2006, and two police security officers of Najib and his wife have been sentenced to death by the High Court and their appeals are pending. It is widely believed that Altantuya was pregnant at the time of the murder which explains why, after she was shot in the head at close range, the police officers used C4 explosives to blow up her body, clearly to destroy DNA evidence.

C4 explosives are exclusive to the Malaysian Armed Forces in the country. Although the two officers have been found guilty of murder and sentenced to death, the whole court proceeding saw unprecedented painstaking efforts by the government (police) to hide the identity of the murderers from the public and a judge who was not interested in the motive for the murder and whose written judgment stated that the motive for the murder is irrelevant.

Can any country’s judiciary beat that! I reproduce here the content of the e-mail:

Never in the history of any country has a government been so hypocritical, deceptive, dishonest and destructive.

Which country has had only one political party in government for more than half a century?

Which country allows the government to use public funds for political purposes?

Which country uses the Police to beat up peaceful protestors and corner them when they have already dispersed?

Which country has a Prime Minister linked to murder?

Which country has a Prime Minister linked to corruption and his colleagues don’t bother?

Which country uses Islam as a political tool to destroy other Muslims?

Which country practices racial discrimination in its policies like South

Which country gives money to the rich to buy houses cheaper because of their race?

Which country gives money to ministers so they get very rich while the poor suffer?

Which country punishes honest former top Custom and Police officers who whistle-blow?

Which country allows its government to rob the poor and fill the pockets of the rich by unreasonable road tolls?

Which country bails out cronies in business with public money into billions of ringgit?

Which country forces religion down people’s throats while the political
leaders live in sin?

Which country has an anti-corruption agency accused of murder?

Which country has a police system that sees so many Indian youths die in police lock-ups?

Which country has former soldiers take part in politics and act like thugs against a clean and honest lady?

Which country has a ‘First Lady’ who spends the people’s money when the country does not even have a president?

Which country builds a costly palace when many people do not have proper housing, water and electricity?

Which country denies the Opposition time to speak freely yet claims to be the world’s best democracy?

Which country allows the Police to beat its journalists doing their jobs
without mercy?

Which country forces it’s young into national youth programs and see many die in freak accidents?

Which country has its Prime Minister say something and the DPM disagrees. Remember 1Malaysia and “Aku Melayu”.

Which country has a Prime Minister who runs away while important things happen in his country?

Which country allows dirty videos and other slanderous material to be published against others freely?

Which country has conspired against its Opposition leader in a sex scandal that we know is a conspiracy?

Which country has a retired Prime Minister and No Ass-Hole who can’t keep his mouth shut and creates disharmony?

Which country has someone like former Premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad whose word cannot be trusted – who has said he has retired from politics but is still blabbing?

Which country has a Royal Commission which exposes mismanagement and corruption in the police force but nothing is done to correct the shortcomings?

Which country has a Royal Commission to expose judge fixing and yet still no one is charged?

Which country has the NEP but sees many Malays denied opportunities because they belong to the wrong political party?

Which country sees the non-Malays discriminated against and deprived of the constitutional rights while the corrupt take the lion’s share of their prosperity?

Which country makes a car and sells it at a higher price in the country but charges less for it in other countries?

Which country sees the people divided into bumiputra and non-bumiputra and practices apartheid policies?

Which country has gone so backward in its political culture and stays in power by bribing others with money?

Which country has a farmers’ cooperative and short-changes its members not giving them their due money?

Which country has seen so many abuses of power and yet can still stay in power because of electoral irregularities?

Which country has punished its honest citizens for calling for democracy and clean and fair elections?

Which country controls all the country’s mainstream media and spreads propaganda?

Which country punishes media producers who merely want to promote a free country, what’s wrong with that?

Which country spends money on 1Malaysia but promotes racial hatred and disharmony?

Which country allows a politician like that white snake in Sarawak to be filthy rich and rob the natives of their lands and trees?

Which country allows a politician to spend public money to promote himself overseas?

Which country has been censured by the BBC for censoring their news we see?

Which country but Malaysia!

I am not a member of the Opposition just a citizen sick of the situation..

nkkhoo says:

Why shall I wasted my time to translate this article? Auntie’s daughter shall understand English and translate for her mum.

All these reasons already in my 100 reasons say no to BN. Maybe I should ask for royalty from Victor Lim.

st seah says:

you can get Buletin Mutiara from Penang Government to understand the views different from Barisan National.

nkkhoo says:

Selangor Times is more professional than Buletin Mutiara with a few MB photos only.