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Celcom customer service is suck

I show you two hard evidences from the Celcom customer service I have collected today.

Maxis, uMobile and Celcom are in my blacklist now, Digi is only telco in my shopping cart.

1. Celcom customer support email is always dead.

2. Feedback form in the Celcom online customer service also dead.

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Venki says:

All telcos must improve their services nationwide in order to prevent call disruptions frequently experienced by consumers lately!!!!

herman says:

Can nkkhoo explain why 40 MHz of high-speed 4G, or Long Term Evolution (LTE) broadband spectrum, was awarded to Syed Mokhtar’s Puncak Semangat Sdn Bhd by MCMC since Puncak Semangat has no experience in telecoommunication business?

The other more established companies were allocated only 20 MHz each.

nkkhoo says:

First, Syed is a potong one and second, Syed is a UMNO’s crony.

Although I am not a telco engineer, but I can sense you are talking garbage.

I do not understand a frequency can be divided to a half.

40 MHz is 40 MHz and 20 MHz is 20 MHz, no such thing of 20+20=40 in radio frequency.

This is news article in the Star, only 2,600 MHz is allocated for LTE and shared by eight companies.

Fanny says:

Where is Najib’s janji for open tender?

There was no auction for the 4G bandwidth and the award to Syed Mokhtar is given directly.

ps: Prominet blogger like nkkhoo shoud not rely on The Star as his reference.

Azuan says:

If you want good service, pay more to be a premium customer.

Ben Hur says:

TM is bad for you.
Celcom is bad for you.
Next Maxis? Then P1?