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Bewarn Hindraf, do not repeat the same mistake as Chinese

We Chinese community was stabbed from behind by Dr. Mahathir after the GE 10 in 1999. About 90% Chinese had supported BN to defeat Barisan Alternative, otherwise BN might be lost to BA who was supported by 70% Malays.

All promises or appeals given to Chinese before GE 10 were void and null, and we Chinese were also being labeled as the communist opportunists by Dr. Mahathir for asking too many appeals [诉求 or sù qíu in Chinese language] from UMNO.

The Chinese voters are swung to opposition afterward without looking back and the pendulum phenomenon in Chinese voters is also a history.

Hindraf, if you think by playing double faces or double heads snake ball game will gain more for Indians, you will probably wrong.

Outcome 1: Hindraf leaders will be arrested and put in jail after the election by BN government if BN wins GE 13. The promises given to Indians will be like all empty promises given to Chinese in 1999.

Outcome 2: Hindraf’s appeals will be rubbished by PR government for its fence sitting stance if PR wins GE 13.

A leopard cannot change its spots is a famous saying to remind Hindraf that the same old UMNO will not change after GE 13.

Govt ready to engage Hindraf

Thursday, November 08, 2012 – 14:35
by Ram Anand

THE government is prepared to engage Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) leaders to discuss issues plaguing the Indian community in the country, despite having outlawed the movement in Oct 2008.

Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz, who made the announcement yesterday said the move was part of the government’s affirmative action to resolved the problems faced by the community at large.

He said the decision was made because the Indian community have expressed their unhappiness on numerous issues.

“If they are unhappy, there must be some reason. We need to look into this and find ways to overcome and resolve them,” Nazri said.

He said this however does not mean that MIC had failed to tackle the problems and grouses of grassroots Indians.

“MIC is a part of us. They have done things to the best of their abilities. But not all the Indians are affiliated with MIC. So if we listen to MIC, we are only listening to part of the Indian community. We want to listen to everyone,” he said.

Nazri said the announcement also goes to show that the government was ready to engage not only Hindraf, but other organisations that champion the cause of grassroots Indians in the country.

The move came just a week after Hindraf reportedly entered into negotiations with Pakatan Rakyat on the possibly of joining forces ahead of the upcoming general election.

It was reported that a former Hindraf leader, S Jayathas, had already joined PKR recently, while Hindraf’s founding leader P. Waythamoorthy, who recently returned from a self-imposed exile in Britain, has attended negotiations with the opposition coalition.

“We invite everyone – be it Waytha or P. Uthayakumar (Human Rights Party secretary-general),” Nazri said.

He said details of the meeting has yet to be ironed out and the meeting would be arranged if Hindraf responded to the announcement.

Asked on when the meeting would be held, Nazri said: “As soon as possible,”

He assured that the move however does not mean issues plaguing other communities in the country are not relevant or forgotten.

Uthayakumar, in an immediate response to the annoucement said he hoped the government would rectify problems faced by the Indian community this time around.

He said Hindraf had submitted an 18-points demand memorandum in 2007, to then prime minister Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi but nothing was done.

“Among the proposals was that all Tamil schools be given full financial aid similar to national schools and to give permanent land titles starting next year.

“Also, deserving Indians students should be allowed to enrol into GiatMara colleges and Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) nationwide,” he told The Malay Mail yesterday.

Uthayakumar said Indians should also be given land ownership similar to that of Felda, Felcra, Risda and Fama schemes.

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ks tan says:

nkkhoo got insiders news on pi bala ? thks

nkkhoo says:

I am not.

damien says:

sure got no insider news if everyday only read the star.

nkkhoo says:

Then please tell us your insider news? Otherwise shut off your mouth.

This remark is racist, but I have to say why I bother these two Indians who can change color like a chameleon.

Terence says:

Be patient, both Bala and Deepak will strike like cobra the moment Najib dissolves parliment.
This is Year of Snake after all!
Thus the long delay by Najib.

damien says:

forget about hindraf, go for bala and deepak, the twin threat to najib in the mongolian case.

Fhineas says:

Hindraf did not heed nkkhoo’s advice.
Hindraf already nambikei with Najib.
BR1M has done the trick.

Baki says:

Felda folks got durian runtuh from Najib but Indian folks only got the empty talk of Nambikei. Ha Ha! another Maika joke!

GFrenz says:

Trust me, chinese community will be stabbed one more time for taking in the ‘stability not chaos’ bait. This time Umno no need to do anything as CSL is doing the dirty job for Najib.

nkkhoo says:

Chinese is smarter after 1999, the pendulum swung toward opposition for GE 11 and GE 12.

Indian will take bait in GE 13, not Chinese.

GFrenz says:

CSL is targeting older chinese who are scared of chaos because of May 13.

nkkhoo says:

Below 50 voters are at least 70% of Chinese voters, why you worry so much on old timers?

Those old MCA supporters will always vote BN like my old mum, let it be.

What the PR has to do is showing performance and result, not the empty talks.

Jeff says:

History has shown that the Indian community go for instant sweetener. With BR1M 2.0 to nambikei them, Naj1b got their votes. Sad but true.

Don says:

Indians are stupid to fall into the nambikei trap or BR1M trick as they should see that Najib or MIC did not give them ‘durian runtuh’ like those Felda people.

yonghua says:

Najib said Batu Cave condo project will be scrapped if BN wins in Selangor, and all Indians are now happily back to BN!
When someone else created a problem and you offer to solve them, it is called campaign talk & vote fishing. If the problem was created by you in the first place and you tell them you will only scrap it if you win a vote, it is nothing more than blackmail!