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Semi-detached house in Penang already RM 1 million 8 year ago

A new semi-detached house next to my apartment at Pantai Jerjak was sold RM 1.0 million in 2004.

I think LGE got his semi-detached house for RM415,000 from the developer at a huge discount. This unrealistic housing price is only came out from a part-time Chief Minister.

It’s very embarrassing for him and PR government whom may be seen out of touch with the reality and the rakyat.

Penang CM Urged To Disclose Location Of RM415,000 Semi-detached House

GEORGE TOWN, Nov 7 (Bernama) — Six individuals today gathered peacefully opposite the Penang State Legislative Assembly building to ask Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng to disclose the location of the semi-detached house costing RM415,000.

One of the individuals, Kenneth Quah, 35, said he did so following the press statement made by the Chief Minister in the newspaper, The Star, recently saying that the prize of semi-detached houses on the island had been reduced to as low as RM415,000.

Quah, who is a sales manager, said he had longed wanted to own a house.

“We have been searching for one for quite some time but could not find (any house) and as a citizen of Penang, we feel cheated,” he told reporters, here today.


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Purdeep Singh says:


Houses are getting expensive. Better go and apply 1BRM RM500 to cover cost of living !

Borang BR1M 2.0 can be obtained at Pusat Khidmat Ahli Parlimen Bakri (No 1, Tingkat 2, Taman Bintang, Jalan Sakeh, Muar), Pls contact En. Er Teck Keng (012-3233703) or En. Tan Chen Choon (012-6163707) for the forms.

nkkhoo says:

Two AES summonses cancel off BR1M in a split of second.

杰夫 says:

3 x BR1M = RM150 = 1 Dinner in KL by Yen Yen’s high standard!

nkkhoo says:

BR1M for married applicants is RM500 and RM250 for bujang senang.