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An Indonesian maid was raped by three police dogs in the police station

Welcome to Rapeland, this is a new case of rape by three police dogs in a police station at Bukit Mertajam.

Does the Malaysia police take in Malay and Indian gangsters as new policemen?

Does any screening process to filter out bad elements during the police new recruit interview?

Besides, the moral system in Malaysia is collapsed rapidly to animal kingdom.

> A moral tainted MCA leader could be elected as president.

> The father of a badminton national player was not invited to his wedding party.

> A pair of Chinese youngsters have no shame to share their love making videos with the public.

There are nine unreported cases for each reported rape case.

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GFrenz says:



Farid says:

Hisham has failed. he should resign as Home Minister.

Aidil Yunus says:

Ex IGP Musa said this about his relationship with Hishamudin:

“When I found out that instructions were given to junior officers and OCPDs (Officer in Charge of Police Districts) without my knowledge, then something is wrong… So I highlighted to him the section 4(1) of Police Act … command and control of the police force is by the IGP, not a minister…I talked to him nicely, he didn’t like it … that’s why (my tenure) was not extended,”

hf tan says:

in that case you ought to be active promoting your blog to pagoh chinese readers so that they don’t blindly vote be irt bn, dap or pkr !

nkkhoo says:

Chinese voters in Pagoh split out 50:50 since 70s. They are informed voters.

hf tan says:

according to my johor friend, your Pagoh adun rep may fear the “provokasi disturbances” whenever they try to service the rakyat there.

read this :

nkkhoo says:

I heard UMNO bandits block PAS members from entering Felda and Felcra settlements.

DAP and PKR suppose to be active in Chinese areas, but they are not.

hf tan says:

so nkkhoo prefers status quo (ala mca’s no riot message) to stick with greater evil although he has listed reasons of those evil deeds ?
I am very confused with nkkhoo; what does he wants for the country as if 3rd Force (watching too much George Lucas’s Star Wars) to get rid of the evils ??????

nkkhoo says:

Why you are so confused?

If the PR candidate in your place is showing his/her face for last five years regularly, then you should vote the little evil.

While for my case, PR is not bother to have an election committee for Pagoh constituency and zero service from any PR candidate.

Why shall I vote a no-show candidate? There is no free lunch in this world, PR candidates have to earn the support and votes for themselves.

My decision for my vote is quite simple, there is no vote for both giant and little evils.

2 Directions says:

still don’t want an alternative government to revamp the whole police system, nkkhoo ?

nkkhoo says:

The issue is the majority Malaysians dot not find viable alternative government to replace BN.

> DAP leaders from PR like Lim Guan Eng is slowly losing his reputation with his finger pointing, arrogant and little emperor images.

> PAS leaders from PR like Azizan is giving out PAS is more pro-Malay and religious fanatic images than UMNO.

> PKR leaders from PR like Khalid is giving out an impression that broken promises is PKR routine business.

Don says:

BN is the greater evil. So our choice is very clear.

GFrenz says: