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This incident bring back my old memory on a cheating death experience

I was about the same age (maybe I was at 9 or 10-year old?) with the girl, and playing alone under a big dead angsana tree. A big wind suddenly brought down the dead tree.

Maybe my brain was reacted faster than normal kids, I immediately jumped down to a concrete drain and squatted down after hearing cracking sounds. The main trunk was falling on my direction, and broken into many pieces after hitting the concrete walls lying on my head. It’s safe to say 99.99% chance I were dead if the truck hit right on my head.

Only an older girl leaning to the main door witnessed the incident happened in her front compound. She released a big grief after she saw me stood up in one piece. Anyway, the girl passed away at 16 year due to polio. My late father was buried beside her tomb, thus I always recall the incident in every Ching Meng festival when I visit my father’s burial ground.

The old concrete drain saved my life is still around.

Perkasa and UMNO people must feel bad for my good luck in cheating death. 🙂

Hope the little Malay girl rests in peace.

Girl killed by falling tree branch

BALING: An eight-year-old girl, Nurhanis Abdul Rahman, was killed when a dead tree branch fell on her while she and two others were playing under the tree in Kampung Keda Banggol Petai, Mukim Bogor, here on Monday.

She died about 3pm during treatment at Sultanah Bahiyah Hospital (HSB)in Alor Setar.

Her father, Abdul Rahman Ismail, 42, said the incident occurred about 8.15am in front of the family home.

“My daughter was injured on the shoulder and head and was unconscious. We sent her to the Baling District Hospital, where she was then transferred to HSB for further treatment, but died later,” he said when contacted by Bernama.

He said his daughter’s two friends were slightly injured in the incident.

Abdul Rahman said he was not at home when the incident occurred.

Baling district police chief Supt Mat Daud Md Hassan confirmed the incident when contacted. – Bernama

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