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An Education Minister for Chinese promised by Najib in GE13 ? Yes, it's a minister of kindergarten

Ah Jit Kor will promise to appoint a MCA man as an education minister after next GE?

Go dream for it, do not believe such gossip in kopitiam. Maybe Wee Ka Siang will be promoted to minister of kindergarten if Chinese support BN. 🙂

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hf tan says:

More art stream graduates, less engineers in 2020 when 1Msia becomes high income nation – so do your math Engineering graduates can command higher RM salary in 2020 ? What say you, nk ?

nkkhoo says:

The present salary for new engineers is more or less the same with earlier 90s.

I got average RM500 annual adjustment when I was an Engineer and my ex-plant manager in ST Muar promised me a minimum 18% annual increment if I stayed in the company.

I doubt there is any change by 2020 if cheaper engineers from India, Myanmar, Philippines and Indonesia are allowed to work in Bodohland in droves.

hf tan says:

yes the fact is to score solid As easily to gain schorlaship, the rest belakang kira.

yonghua says:

Only 20% in Science stream?

Because it is easier to score 10As in Art stream?