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Bodohland education system has failed after 70s

Let me sharing another bitter experience after we all have to study all subjects except languages in Bahasa Malaysia.

Most Chinese teachers have difficulty to master BM when the system was switched from English to BM. I remember a Chinese male mathematic teacher who hardly could speak a string of sentence in Malay. We all mad to listen to his alien language, and he was transferred out several months later. An unconfirmed rumor said he had resigned for unable to speak Malay language in time for his new role.

There was no a single English teacher in my rural school, we all slept in the classroom during my Remove Class and Form One. We only started to study English extensively in Form Three after a Chinese teacher in Industrial Arts volunteered himself to teach us English. I met this good teacher again in Muar’s Datuk school during my Form Six.

The Malay headmaster told us that failed in English is not a big deal at all. This bloody idiot also followed me to a secondary school in Serom 3, Sungai Mati as a new headmaster for my new school.

The guinea pig experience in our education system is still going on till today. Several generations of Malaysia children are made guinea pigs for UMNO education system reform plans which were proven fail again and again.

In 70s, Malay stream was introduced for all poor rakyat by UMNO. The golden sons and daughters of BN politicians could still study at Elton College and international schools.

In 80s, 3M was introduced by Anwar Ibrahim. The joke was 3M stands for Makan, Minum and Main.

In 90s, Bahasa Baku and express class were introduced by Anwar also. The national anthem also changed to a bit faster tone.

in 00s, English for science and maths policy was introduced by Mahathir to improve English proficiency. I was one of those who opposed the policy for the reason of not tackling the root causes.

In 10s, school-based assessment system was introduced by Muhyiddin to bring Malaysia education system to a world-class standard. No examination except the subjective assessments from the teachers, what a great innovation from DPM!

Examination is like democracy is not perfect, but there are no other better systems to assess student’s performance in objective way than examination.

I suspect UMNO politicians have invested heavily in international schools. By bring down public school’s academic standard, hence more middle and upper-class parents have no choice but to send their children to international schools.

A mother’s woes

Translated by DOMINIC LOH
Sin Chew Daily

After my article It is better not to change than blindly change went into print, a woman rang me up, beseeching me to spend a few minutes listening to what she felt after reading my article.

Before long she broke into tears, not because my article had been so well penned that it moved her heart but because she was utterly disappointed with the country’s education system.

She was worried her child and his schoolmates would fall victim to yet another failed educational policy.

I couldn’t visualise her expression at the other end of the line, but I could imagine the feelings of a weeping mother who cares so much about her child’s education but is helpless in turning things around.

“Do you know how many mothers, parents and students are totally disgruntled by our failed education system?” she wept.

The reader from Ipoh told me her only son is now studding at a national secondary school, and she is naturally very much concerned about her son’s progress at school.

“However, after the school-based assessment system (PBS) is put into implementation, I will not have any idea what textbooks he is studying at school, or what schoolwork has been assigned to him and whether he has made any progress in his studies.”

She asked, how are we going to gauge the students’ progress now that the class tests and examinations are abolished and replaced with the PBS system? She found herself totally at loss.

She said when she asked her son what PBS was, her son appeared equally dumbfounded.

Half a year had lapsed and when she finally got a chance to ask the teacher about this on the Parents’ Day, the teacher failed to offer a convincing answer.

She is very concerned about her son’s English and wants to know about his English curriculum at school. Nevertheless, she has discovered shockingly that her son is now reading an English literary book that is too profound for a Chinese primary school graduate to comprehend.

“I thought learning English should start from the basics and grammar? No wonder many national school students today are unable to write a decent article or letter in English.

“To be frank, to change things this way, I would prefer we go back to our old school days when the students learned English conscientiously, step by step beginning with the grammar. And with tests and exams.”

She said she was absolutely frustrated with the PBS system. As if that is not enough, the new education blueprint is on the way and another major overhaul in the country’s education system is in the pipeline. Such inconstant policy will only bring on more nightmares in parents and students.

She has much to complain about but has no idea whom to voice up to. She is also doubtful whether such complaints would be of any use at all, citing the fact that the education ministry never consulted the public when implementing the policy of teaching science and maths in English.

Before hanging up, she pleaded me to help put her feelings down in words.

I promised. But then deep inside me, I was doubtful whether it would help at all if I were to put this down in words.

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Aidil Yunus says:

The Programme of International Student Assessment 2009 showed that 44% of Malaysian students failed to meet the min standards for reading, 60% for maths and 43% for science.

But our Education Minister said that our eduction system is superior compared to US and Germany?

Also, almost 1/4 of students failed English in UPSR, PMR and SPM.

I think the new blue print will improve the standard!

Darren says:

Education is the key to success for any individual and for the country as a whole. UMNO is just being racist again and doing its best to crush a race that is struggling to come up. If government schools were a level playing field without racism then more people will stick to government schools. English is a medium that can be used internationally for business. Malay is only good for business between Malaysia and Indonesia. Nevertheless Malay is the national language. Lets be fair to everyone in Malaysia since there is so much distrust among the races. Let there be vernacular schools until the Malaysian government sorts out its government schools. Improve the standard of the schools. Hire teachers that are good not based on race. Destroying a child’s education will destroy his or her future and the countries. UMNO has very successfully narrowed the minds of the rakyat to become subservient to UMNO by pushing religion and race into education instead of focusing on relevant subjects.

逆流 says:


独中生不必预备班,照样可以靠SPM, 为什么国中生要预备班?


nkkhoo says:

Remove class is still needed for Chinese students from the rural school. I was one of them, >90% rural students will drop out if there is no Remove Class to prepare them for Malay classes in Form One.

Chinese language is used in Independence schools, thus a continuity is there unlike in the government schools.

Please talk with brain and doing more researches before you say something like this.

逆流 says:


nkkhoo says:

Shall I say all Malaysian students must study in government secondary schools?

This is an ideal case as you believe that all Chinese students can master Malay language in the Chinese primary schools.

Why don’t you replace Chinese language with Malay in the Independence schools first to see do you need the Remove Class or not?.

Talk without using brain is very stupid.

Do not think like a bigot, you expect Malay people to respect your freedom to learn Chinese language, but in the same time try to prevent other Chinese to learn Malay language in the Remove Class.

Darren says:

If you use your brain, there are other methodology and ways to improve BM other than having remove class. Problem is many choose to waste one year of precious time on Remove class.

nkkhoo says:

Use your brain to visit rural areas first before talking cock like Mahathir.

The German people only graduated at the age of 25 with strong foundation and skillsets. They are not interested to churn out 21-year old dumb graduates who know nothing after graduation.

hf tan says:

Yesterday I watched Hip Hopping Asia on 8TV which showcase the music scenes in Sri Lanka. I was surprised to see the young ones (teens and twenties in age) speak good English ! Compared with our local lads (even those in U), the reality now is our education system needs overhaul to improve the command of at least simple spoken English if good written English is hard to come by these days.

nkkhoo, you were in Sri Lanka in the 90s and you can tell us how fluent those kids are in Englsih.

Perkasa don’t care as Bahasa to them is the universal commercial and scientific language to be the adopted one in this region ?

nkkhoo says:

Overall, Sri Lankan English standard is as bad as Bodohland. The lady you saw in TV8 is an exemption, not the norm.

Sri Lankan government had followed UMNO-model to scrap all English schools, and replaced them with the Sinhalese language in 70s.

Those managers and engineers in my ex-company are considered the cream of the crop in Sri Lanka, yet they have poor English writing skill. But their oral skill is quite good, otherwise they would fail in the second interview conducted by expats.

yonghua says:

DPM Moohideen has claimed that Malaysia’s education (passing exams thru ‘learning by heart’) is one of the best in the world and that it is better than that being provided in the United States, Germany and also the United Kingdom. How to trust BN?

Manglish thrives because teachers pronounce words like “apel” and “oren” instead of “apple” and “orange”.