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Mainland gigolos invade Miri

Bodohland is not only truly Asia, actually Bodohland is truly the world with all kinds of foreign criminals invading our land like in a no-man zone.

The latest invader is gigolos from China. This is a new job opportunity for our jobless fresh graduates, provided you are handsome, willing to suck, and good stamina with a sizable shaft to serve lonely and aging aunties. 🙂

Let me list down a partial list I can recall,

– Nigeria’s online scammers.

– Columbia’s ATM heist gangs.

– Vietnam’s robbery gangs.

– Cambodia’s gaharu wood thieves.

– Indonesia’s carjacking gangs.

– Philippines’ pickpocket syndicates

– Arabic illegal tax drivers.

– China’s little dragon ladies.

– Thai’s bar girls.

– Vietnam’s foot massagers.

– India’s illegal mamak workers.

– Pakistan’s mak minah hooker.

– Bangladesh’s illegal construction workers.

– China’s gigolos.

包养「小龙仔」 阔太人財两失







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Jojo says:

“I only represent for myself” some may think you like to Syiok Sendiri. So brother be careful with your statement otherwise you can send an ambiguous message to your readers. cheers.

Azrai Ajiboy says:

your blog cannot represent 1Msia bcoz you only report for a segment of Msians. How do you expect we to know a duck is a gigolo ?

nkkhoo says:

I have never claimed that I present all Malaysians and all Chinese in Malaysia.

I only represent for myself unlike many donkeys want to represent others without the common agreement from others. Green Piss NGO is a good example.

Farid says:

Is duck a symbol of gigolo?

nkkhoo says:

Chinese used to call gigolo a duck.

GeeGoLo says:

fyi Most Gigolos (so called Ducks in Msia) know that putting a cowboy hat on a bed is bad luck – but why do cowboys feel that way? Well first off a cowboy would never wear his hat in bed and he’d only be in bed during the day if he was sick. So by putting your hat on the bed you risk bringing sickness or other bad luck on yourself.

what’s your view on this ?

nkkhoo says:

No comment on a rumor. 🙂

nkkhoo says:

Set aside morality, gigolo and aunty relationship is a willing seller and a willing buyer basis.

I don’t bother to probe such thingie except to highlight Malaysia is a magnet for the international criminals under BN government.

A small fry from my new village during his prime time in 80s was driving a Porsche and many luxury cars not found in Malaysia after he hooked up a rich Singaporean lady. The lady kept the relationship with him for the whole life.

Another 50++ old lady from KL was feeding a middle-age drug addict in my new village for a few years.

I agree with you, these ladies are looking for companionship than lust.

GeeGoLo says:

This is a balance of yin yang. Women do have needs too that their partners can’t provide or sometimes they are just not into commitment yet. Sometimes its not about the sex but about companionship especially among the more educated woman. So being a gigolo is not all that bad especially if you are offering companionship and not just plain ole grinding the hump-over-in-ten minutes kinda thingie.

GeeGoLo says:

The women seeking gigolos are usually around 35-50, both single & married, quite wealthy and are pretty good looking. Unlike the men, they do not go trying different girls. They prefer the same guy and will contract you 3-6 months at a clip, usually paying around equivalent RM10k to RM20k monthly for twice a week “commitment” depending whether you look like Brad Pitt or Rusty (my Pit Bull!).