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The criminals and security guard companies are from a same gang

My long hypothesis is those security company interested on the security contract in a housing estate will ask their gang members to steal and rob the houses first to create fear and panic among the residents.

They will come in as the protector and offer security services to housing estates.

You should notice that many new security companies are operated by Indians. Go figure out yourself why Indians.

This is a quiz I always asked, “Where is the biggest prison in Malaysia?”

Many answered the Kajang Prison.

The correct answer is the whole Klang Valley, all houses in KV are built more rugged and secured than any jail cell in Bodohland.

IT’S A FACT house owners don’t feel secure at home

PETALING JAYA – Despite the government’s claim that the crime rate has been falling, vendors of security systems report steadily increasing sales – a reflection of public paranoia about crime.

Proof of this can be seen by the many high walls, spiked grilled fencing and door and window grills as well as CCTV cameras mounted at many private homes in urban areas.

Indeed, sales of various burglar alarm, security and CCTV systems as well as grills and security doors have been steadily growing, particularly over the last four years.

“We have seen a surge in sales especially over the past few years because many people feel unsafe even in their homes with just a basic locked door and gate,” said a local CCTV and alarm system expert who wished to be identified only as Ng.

“Even I do not feel that these are very safe times,” said Ng, adding that many house owners now tend to have at least a basic burglar alarm system.

He said most, however, opt for integrated alarm systems that are linked to the house owner’s handphones or a central monitoring system (CMS).

It is understood that the home security industry has seen about 20% to 30% increase in sales of burglar alarms and CCTVs in recent years.

Sales of grilled and multi-lock security doors as well as personal alarms and pepper sprays have also been rising.

“Four years ago, security doors were basically unheard of. All a family needed to feel safe was a gate, grill and door. Today, our customers view our product as vital to their security,” said Liew, a spokesman of City Gate, a provider of security doors.

“I don’t think the crime rate is improving significantly as customers constantly complain to us about the insecurity they feel at home.”

“A security door is seen as a logical purchase for them as it has a sophisticated and advanced lock system and a solid, steel frame. A normal door just won’t do anymore,” he added.

Some house owners have also reportedly installed grilled doors or roller shutters at the staircase to segregate the family sleeping quarters on the upper floor from the ground floor.

This is so that in case of a break-in from the ground floor, the risk of the family being rudely awakened and held at knife-point is reduced, while the opportunity to call for the police is increased.

The government has been having a tough time fighting the perception that crime is rampant, especially because nearly everyone nowadays knows someone or a friend of someone, who has been a victim of crime.

The situation is made worse by the fact that crime reports have been magnified by the social media through the simple click of a ‘share’ button whether through Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Indeed, crime reports spread like wildfire through social media, where netizens tend to circulate and even add on and their own interpretations and comments, resulting in the rumours growing and feeding the paranoia.

This is despite Malaysia being declared the 19th safest and most peaceful country (out of 153 countries) and the safest in Southeast Asia in the recent Global Peace Index.

Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein, the police, and Pemandu all claim it is only public perception that crime is on the increase or getting more and more rampant.

Reducing Crime NKRA director Eugene Teh of Pemandu said recently there were 63,221 cases of crime between January and May compared to 70,343 cases recorded in the corresponding period last year.


The comment board with Facebook account.
KY Ong says:

Crime watchdog MyWatch said that it had proof that the crime rate had gone up last year, and furnished what it said was official police data to back up its claims that the national crime statistics had been manipulated Former IGP Tan Sri Musa Hassan, the patron of MyWatch, had previously accused the government of hiding facts about the crime rate from the public.

nkkhoo says:

A Chinese girl reporter was abducted at Taman Connaught when she patronized pasar malam by two Indians last week.

Mac Davis says:

Criminals on police escort to court can also escape.
Why PDRM so low standard now?
Maybe they focus too much on opposition and preaceful protestors and lose focus on criminals?
Or it is another staged event linked with Mafia? Otherwise how could those detained criminals can have curry powder?

nkkhoo says:

A Chinese criminal supposed to be deported to China disappeared from the lock up like a thin air.

You can be free man even you are caught with heroin if you have big money to bribe.

A stupid Indian wanted to bribe police official with RM200 for drug case. He forget another 000 is needed.

Mac Davis says:

Musa Hassan’s watchdog MyWatch has alleged that top police officers have links with local mafia in money laundering, illegal gambling, prostitution and football betting. I wonder why he never act on this while he was the police chief.

nkkhoo says:

Do not trust Musa, I trust the cobra snake.

Wai Kin says:

How can criminals escape while on police custody?

nkkhoo says:

A mafia boss (already deceased) friend caught with 500g heroin was released from the lock-up after the drug dealer paid several hundred thousand ringgit to secure him from the death gallows.

Money can buy anything in Malaysia except time.

Wai Kin says:

South American mafia has infiltrated Malaysia (& the police via infernal affairs!).

Hambali says:


Do you know why Musa is now accusing Ismail that PDRM is closing one eye on certain criminal activities?

Something fishy within PDRM?

sim says:

musa is not happy with his retirement benefits?
make noise as a way to blackmail?

nkkhoo says:

Musa’s hand is dirty as Hisham. Tangkak mafia boss was released and ex-CID chief Ramli was sued and fired by Musa.

Raja Petra’s blog disclosed more insider’s news. I cannot tell you more because I know the mafia and “friend” to some of them by staying in the same village.

sim says:

when you are scared to stand up for justice, you are promoting their existence.
you can tiup wisel and get rewarded!

nkkhoo says:

I do not say something without evidence, you cannot simply accuse a person is a mafia boss involved in illegal activities without proof.

Raja Petra got the proof from his insiders in the police.

Aidil Yunus says:

As ex-IGP, Musa must have information on Altantuya’s murder case. He is NOW using it to ‘leverage’ ?

I believe truth will prevail soon the moment dissatifaction arised among certain Umno circle if they are not chosen to stand for PRU13.

What say you, nkkhoo (no need to wait for RPK fairy tales)?

nkkhoo says:

Musa is better to take care his own safety first. Only dead man cannot speak.

Zahid says:

I think people are becoming suspicious of the PDRM.
Otherwise why would Musa cannot retire in peace?

nkkhoo says:

Musa was a conspirator with old man to bring down Anwar.

He receives the karma from his own making as the belief in Buddhism.

Aidil Yunus says:

Musa is not a Buddhist, so he has no worry about karma.
He just need to go tanah suci and all the sin will be forgiven…

Azuan says:

That is the beauty of Islam, you can clean away all your sin with pilgrimage to teh Holy Land. That’s why our corrupted Umno leaders practically visit the place every year for teh obvious reason.

Farid says:

If police can be rapists, what about those security guards?

I heard in JB there are bogus policemen who enter homes to rob!

hf tan says:

another good reason为什么要换政府?(全马必看!)!

hf tan says: