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Muar city will be turned into a fairyland from 21-25 November during the Johor Sultan's Birthday Celebration

All hotel rooms in Muar are fully booked, you may have to plan to stay at Melaka. I will be in Muar also during these few days to witness the declaration of Royal Town for Muar.

Day 1:
8 PM, 21 Nov: Prayers with Sultan at the Sultan Ibrahim’s Mosque.

Day 2:
8 AM, 22 Nov:  The levee and investiture ceremonies at the Dewan Jubli Intan Sultan Ibrahim

3 PM, 22 Nov: A tea party with the Sultan at the stadium.

Day 3:
10 AM, 23 Nov: New mosque opening ceremony at Batu 18, Jalan Air Itam.

9.30 PM, 23 Nov:  Floats procession in Muar city.

Day 4:
8.30 AM, 24 Nov: The declaration of Royal Town for Muar at Dataran Tanjung Mas.

10 AM, 24 Nov: International Jet-ski and kayak race at Dataran Maharani.

2 PM, 24 Nov: The aid presentation to poor families and single mothers by The Sultanah of Johor at the Stadium.

8.30 AM, 24 Nov: A concert by local artists at the Muar Stadium.

Day 5:
8 AM, 25 Nov: International Jet-ski race and other water sports tournaments at the Dataran Maharani.

4 PM, 25 Nov: 10-KM marathon competition at the Dataran Tanjung Mas.

5 PM- 3AM: Sultan Ismail’s Bridge was closed for pedestrians.

8 PM: A boat procession and fireworks display on Muar River and the bridge is reserved as the viewing platform.

Grand birthday celebrations for Johor Sultan: Muar to be declared royal town

JOHOR BARU- Come Wednesday, various events have been planned, in conjunction with the birthday of the Sultan of Johor, as well as declaration of Muar as royal town.

State youth and sports committee chairman and information exco Md Jais Sarday said the events included a float procession, opening of the Johor International Jet Ski Challenge 2012 and a Supercar Tour.

“To celebrate the Sultan’s birthday, other programmes include futsal, netball and football competitions.

“We expect the programmes, which will run until Nov 26, to be attended by 100,000 Johoreans and tourists out to witness the historic occasion,” he said at a media conference here today.

According to him, the investiture ceremony will be held at Dewan Jubli Intan Sultan Ibrahim near Muar, while the declaration ceremony of Muar as royal town would be held next Saturday at Tanjung Emas, Muar.

Md Jais said, in conjunction with the celebration, the main roads in Muar would be closed in stages to traffic, especially on the Sultan’s birthday which fell on Nov 22.

The roads are Jalan Sulaiman, Jalan Ibrahim, Jalan Ali, Jalan Arab and the Bakri Roundabout in Muar, which would be closed to traffic while traffic from the Abdul Rahman Roundabout or Jalan Ibrahim would be diverted to Persiaran Jalan Othman.

On the float procession on Nov 23, Md Jais said its route along Stadium Sultan Ibrahim, Jalan Ibrahim, Jalan Sulaiman, Jalan Arab, Bakri Roundabout, Jalan Abdullah junction, Jalan Majidi to Jalan Abdul Rahman would be closed to traffic.

He advised those wishing to attend the events to take public buses provided at Dataran Tanjung Agas from Nov 22 to 24.


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Eve says:

Thks for the info so we can stay away from the traffic jam.
You are right all hotels in Muar are fully booked but it is not all because of Johor Sultan’s Birthday Celebration but because of the King of kings, Jesus. 700+ people from the nations of the world came here to attend an International Congress in one of the church in Muar for this whole week.
God blessed you.

nkkhoo says:

Even without the Christian congress, it’s expecting 100,000 crowd are gathered in Muar city. Less than 500 hotel rooms in Muar, this number is too small for any big event.

Sorry, I do not believe God.

Freddy says:

8.30pm concert on 24 Nov – I thought entertainment is not allowed?

nkkhoo says:

19/11/2012 at 3:50 PM ·

go for that so called Ah 9 satay in Muar and let us know you review whether tally with Ho Chiak.

19/11/2012 at 4:01 PM

It’s quite ok, but not the top quality as I expected. I liked the satay stall ran by real Ah 9 who passed away some time ago.

Jojo says:

If you miss last nite 8TV’s Ho Chiak featuring famus Muar satay then go to your favourite to see it. This stall may do good business this holiday season with or without local boys like you who have to venture out in KL to make a living.

nkkhoo says:

My cari makan place is not limited to KL, I can be in Muar if I choose to do so.

nkkhoo says:

The best satay in Muar was a stall ran by a Malay old folk in a coffee shop in my new village. He used the kampong chickens, sometimes the chickens were sourced from my family’s backyard poultry farm.

The stall ceased after he passed away in mid-90s.