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Ten Posers to PR and Green NGOs about Pengerang RAPID issue

Chinese version, 致民联和环保组织的十条提问

With the full support and backing from Pakatan Rakyat, Malaysia over excited green NGOs have managed to evict KuaKong from Pengerang and send the company back to Taiwan.

As a Malaysian citizen and Johorean who is concerning on Johor’s future development, I would like to ask ten questions for PR and Green NGOs.

1. You all have claimed that the petrochemical factories are polluted and bad to environment.

Why Taiwan President Ma approved KuaKong to build new factories in Taiwan Island?

Does President Ma is a bumbler to re-approve the factory permits from KuaKong?

Are PR going to mimic President Ma with 180-degree policy flip-flopping after in the government?

2. There is NO pollution-free industry literally speaking. A friendly reminder, running daily street protests will not able to feed the empty stomachs of our rakyat.

What is the future direction for industrial development plan under PR?

3. Do PR have immediate plan to shut down all petrochemical related factories in the four PR states?

4. Do PR have future plan to shut down all petrochemical related factories in Malaysia if they have taken over the Federal Government?

5. The Petrochemical zone in Jurong Island of Singapore is closer to highly populated Southern Johor than Pengerang RAPID. The whole JB city at the down south of Kulai and Singapore Island are within the reach of 50 Km radius from the Jurong Island. While 50 Km radius from Pengerang RAPID only cover Masai, Pasir Gudang and 2/3 of Singapore Island.

It’s quite obvious that Jurong Island Petrochemical zone will cause more health hazards to residents in Southern Johor due to its proximity than its counterpart, Pengerang RAPID.

Do PR and Green NGOs are going to press Singapore Government to shut down Jurong Island Petrochemical zone as well?

6. The pull out of foreign investors does not stop Petronas to proceed its own Petrochemical project.

Do PR agree and consent to cancel all undergoing projects in Pengerang?

7. Do PR continue to support Green NGOs who adopt hearsay and street demonstration approaches?

8. Do PR are going to enact a new law to prevent the government from acquiring any land and graveyard for any development purposes?

9. Do PR are going to implement a new policy to discourage or stop the descendants of fishermen from changing career path in order to keep the traditional fishing alive for forever?

10. Do PR continue to practice empty promise manifesto as in GE12?

Any political party with good credibility and preaching what they say should has no problem to response with “YES” for my third to tenth questions.

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