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Cut down and re-plant trees is a common trick to get two contracts

What is left: A huge tree is removed while a palm tree is planted beside its stump. Residents in Kuala Kubu Bharu town complaining that Hulu Selangor District Council had cut about 40 trees that are 50 to 100 years old in the town while stumps are lying around at Kuala Kubu Bharu, Selangor.

A few more than 100-year old trees infected with diseases in Melaka city were cured by a horticulture company. Why the trees with diseases in Hulu Langat cannot be cured?

The officials under PR government are the same persons from BN’s legacy. If the local council does not cut down trees first, how its crony gets two contracts in one shot.

If PR keeps the old dogs and expect them to play new tricks is a daunting task.

Selangor PR government is still accountable for such monkey works by following BN-style cronyism.

Trees were diseased is an old excuse

READING about the cutting of 40 old trees in Kuala Kubu Baru by the local authorities leaves us physically ill.

The excuse for cutting the trees is that they are diseased and is a way to prevent contamination is lame. We have heard this before.

Some time ago, our residents association had asked the local council to prune the trees around our only playground. They suggested that we cut down all the trees instead. We said: “No way.”

Soon after, the council came to cut down ALL the trees that were at least 40 years old. Their excuse was that the trees were diseased. Since then, many trees near here have been cut.

We would like Forest Research Institute of Malaysia to confirm that all these trees in KKB and in other areas in Selangor have been struck by some form of tree-inflicting disease.

We would also like the Selangor Government to tell us how many trees have been cut because of disease in the last five to 10 years by the respective local councils?


Cheras, Selangor

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