Lynas Issue by Dr. HW Looi >>>

Chinese Perkasa wanna use violence?

These green people have transformed to Chinese Perkasa by threatening Lynas with violence.

Go fight in the court, stop your nonsense Mr. Wong Tack. Please stop using PEOPLE are in your side. Let the people decide in GE 13.

PR will be losing one vote, that is my scrapped vote in the coming GE.

先完成苦行再发动人墙阻挡 黄德要莱纳斯稀土有进没出








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Azuan says:

My family will not trust Lynas as BN has cheated us once in Genneva ponzi scheme!

黑面 says:




nkkhoo says:

Stop “萬一”, this is your 4D game to strike for a first price, not the real science.

What is the health risk? Please provide evidence, otherwise shut up.

Lynas operation will contribute 1% of GDP is not a small figure in any country.

Lynas promised to hire Malaysians except for a few experts from China and foreign countries. Please proivde the name of foreign workers hired by Lynas, otherwise shut up.

More companies will set up factories in Kuantan and Malaysia with the supply of rate earth. This is a common sense in economics 123. Dr. Looi did give a name for such companies.

WJS says:

Anti-Lynas have already made up their minds long ago. They are no longer open to education and facts. To them, anything with the words “radioactive” and “nuclear” are automatically bad and can lead to nuclear disasters, nuclear fallout or even a nuclear winter for Malaysia.

If we bow down to these unscientific anti-progress trolls, it will be like the United States shutting down their industries and decommissioning all their power stations for the sake of listening to the Amish and what they believe in.

Roy says:

Until scientifically proven rare earth plant harmful, it was too late. Radiation colorless, odorless, invisible, the smartest scientists on Earth, still helpless to radiation, even if not as the radiation of the rare earth plant nuclear power plant, but radiation is radiation, the same can not be close to. Once rare earth plant proves that the pollution can only be closed near land decades hundreds of years or longer are not suitable for human activities.

nkkhoo says:

Sunlight is a radiation, aren’t you so naive to make such silly statement a radiation is radiation.

The dry battery in your gadgets and wet battery in your car are also made from a radioactive material, plumbum.

Why the battery can be sold freely?

Why you go to school to study physics? To make you informed person with scientific thinking and learn the half-life cycle time of plumbum is billion years and its radioactive radiation is negligible and harmless to human life.

DAP lawyer, Ngeo will teach you the longer the half-life span, the risky the material. Go believe the DAP lawyer if you wish.

Hambali says:

No violence in those green march, except threats from those mat rempits who will be rewarded by Khairy’s BL1M scheme to legalize their lessen to buat kecoh!

nkkhoo says:

Blocking Lynas factory is a violent act, no different with Perkasa blocking Penang bridge.

sim says:

what is BL1M?

Roy says:

BL1M = Boikot Lynas 1 Malaysia?

Ha ha! nkkhoo please do not be offended.

nkkhoo says:

I support Lynas in the technical aspect, but not on the management of industrial waste yet.

IAEA report demands a permanent solution from Lynas for waste management.

Anyway, I do not believe Green Perkasa read the IAEA report.

Roy says:

Solution for waste mgmt? Sound like cannot find toilet paper after shitting!

nkkhoo says:

The solution is quite simple, Lynas and Pahang government build 50,000 unit low cost housing with WLP and sell it at RM20,000 to poor rakyat to prove WLP is a safe material.

Roy says:

Who is building low cost housing nowadays?
Wishful thinking!

nkkhoo says:

Federal and state governments are responsible to ensure developers to do so or build low cost housing through their own companies.

idris says:

First batch of Lynas “import” is reportedly guarded by Navy etc using Public Fund on the way to the processing plant? nkkhoo better check that out.

nkkhoo says:

Navy has to patrol our ocean regularly, rerouting to escort any ship in our water is not costing extra public fund.

Zahid says:

Umno also use public fund to show live telecast of Umno assembly.
This is certainly an abuse.

TNG says:

Iris. Assuming you have a tourist legally coming into Malaysia for holiday and some people threatened to cause him harm and he reported it to the police. Does the police has a moral and legal responsibility to protect that tourist? Likewise, since Lynas has gotten all the necessary license and hence operating legally, some people threaten to disrupt Lynas’s operation, does the same police has the moral and legal responsibility to give protection to Lynas?

nkkhoo says:

The Peaceful Assembly Act may be a bad law, but it’s still a law passed in the parliament. Stick to law is a basic order we should follow.

Both Perkasa and Green Himpunan are acting above the law.

The tragic is BN government and police are keeping closed eye on both tyrant groups.

Baki says:

Is there a Chinese Perkasa?
nkkhoo should not do his reputation the unnecessary harm with such accusation.

nkkhoo says:

I will put anyone who act above the law as Perkasa.

Do you think blocking Lynas plant is legal?

Do you think not applying permit to assemble is legal?

Respect the rule of law, not rule by law as demonstrated by Perkasa.

Himpunan Hijau has copied Perkasa to be a lawless mob by disregard the law passed in the parliament.

Baki says:

Could you ell us the date when Lynas shipped the rare earth concentrate from Australia. Did it comply with all legal requirements in Malaysia on that date?

Is Lynas above the law?

nkkhoo says:

Malaysian government has given Lynas all the necessary licenses and permits to operate.

Prove to me if you have evidence to say Lynas is an illegal company in Malaysia.

Baki says:

Dr Looi’s argument is simply a hypothesis, do not take it as a truth or theory.

So everyone can analyse the situation and choose what they believe in.

nkkhoo says:

There are tons of technical papers with data to support Dr. Looi’s arguments like long half-life span for thorium is not harmful, yet you call them hypothesis.

A PAS MP with doctorate degree in radioactive did agree with Lynas that radioactive is not an issue.

He is more say than me with his background, but green piss rubbished his professional opinion and keep spreading lies with all sorts of ridiculous arguments like since Australia is much bigger than Malaysia, Lynas set up a plant in Malaysia must have ulterior motive.

You can believe Hitler is a savior of the world if you choose to do so, no one can stop you.

There is a senile who believe 911 incident is a hypothesis created by Americans to discredit Arab people.

The point is there are people refuse to believe what they do not want to believe.

Nobody says:

Are you kidding me, ask the defendant(Lynas) for an answer? Don’t ask commoners to read technical papers they are not technical inclined. It would be nice if somebody can summarise the essences and publish it in plain words for general public to understand and rest the case, I believe you can do that .

nkkhoo says:

Sorry, I am not a teacher in my blog to teach any adult about ABC on investment matters.

Usually I am quite abusive in my reply when people are not knowing basic thing in a subject under the discussion.

Why do you feel if a DAP politician said thorium’s billion years of half-life cycle is TOO dangerous for the humankind?

There are people still dumb enough to ask why Lynas came to Malaysia. Lynas is like any investor come to Malaysia to make money.

I am no interested to defend Lynas for free. Lynas is a public listed company, and they have obligation to answer public concerned issues through their PR department. That is a basic knowledge you shall know instead of questioning why Lynas must respond to public inquiries.

A PAS MP with doctorate degree in radioactive did agree with Lynas that radioactive is not an issue.

He is more say than me with his background, but green piss rubbished his professional opinion and keep spreading lies with all sorts of ridiculous argument like Australia is much bigger than Malaysia, why Lynas set up a plant in Malaysia.

Malaysia anti-Lynas activists attended Lynas’s annual meeting and asked some questions. Whether you accept Lynas’s answers is another issue.

The problem is the green idiots only believe their story, even an explanation from a Physics Nobel price winner in the simplest language will still not able to change these green people.

Lynas is just a punching bag to discredit BN. Anti-Lynas is a politicized environment issue.

Only political solution can solve the problem, that is through the ballet boxes in the general election.

PR will minus one vote from me after I have observing a series of actions from the Chinese perkasa.

Nobody says:

Nobody is born to be knowledgeable for everything, we gained knowledge by learning from other. Please see me as just one of your blog’s thousands visitors seeking an answer to a question. You may be having evidents or knowledge about processing rare earth wouldn’t really give environment significant or any harm at all please share it with us. It will be even better if you got insider story why Lynas choose Malaysia and not other country or its home country. We may be an idiot but we still can listen and be enlightened. I’m still preferring this conversation to be private, if possible please delete all my comments, i want to be nobody in the cyber world or just think i never come here. what’s the point deleted the offensive statement in previous post but put it in the later. 🙂

nkkhoo says:

You are nobody now and can call yourself nobody in your replies.

There are tons of info published by Dr. Looi in the blog, click on the right top image related to Lynas issue.

The problem is some idiots say his technical explanation is too long to read and understand.

There are 800 workers hired by Lunas, you and your Green buddies should approach any one of them to get the first hand info, not from outsider like me.

I was rebutting Malaysia Green Piss on their misinformed campaigns about thorium radioactivity, not to support Lynas company.

Malaysia green activists are not going to believe whatever facts from the scientists say about Lynas operation, their goal is to bring down BN at whatever costs even by cheating and spinning the story.

Your behavior changed a lot (me too) after your illness, I do not mean the change is bad, but from my side is you are not energetic and sharp brain as before. This is not an offensive statement, just an opinion you may want to brush it off if you think that it’s not true.

Use more brain power to debate with me or anyone with facts in internet is a good exercise to improve brain neuron connections. Don’t take it as useless exercise.

Nobody says:

Agreed, every industry does produce some toxic wastes more or less not necessary it is radioactive. i thought rare earth is processed at minimal before it is sent here. So, if we are not mother earth creator, can’t be sure what is actually in the soil. OMG you have just personal attacked me publicly. Please delete this thread if you think it is in appropriate.

nkkhoo says:

Don’t mistaken me on personal attack against you, the discussion is limited on the Lynas issue and your opinions on Lynas radioactive. Nothing beyond the thread.

As I said you have every right to support anti-Lynas campaign regardless there are scientific facts or not. This is the beauty of democracy.

I don’t mind my language when I rebut misinformed facts and lies from anyone. This is who am I, nothing is personal.

Every soil from the mother earth is radioactive in some degree and only its safety limit is debatable by we, the stupid humankind today whom ancestors already living on the earth for millions of years.

Everything we eat and consume is from the mother earth. I do not oppose environment protection, but with a condition that is sustainable to mother earth.

I will delete statement you may deem offensive, an action I never did it before.

I wish you to take good care of your health as before. I know you are much better off before your illness, not cursing on you.

Nobody says:

Well, wafers definitely not a raw material to me, the most we can call it is a processed material. Don’t think further processes will have any environmental impact contrary to rare earth soil we don’t really know what we will get not until it is processed. Most of us are not radioactive expert like Dr.Looi, but as a commoner i’m still thinking it’s not logical nor economical to set up rare earth plant in Malaysia. Australia is many times larger than malaysia couldn’t find a suitable place for the plant? or our labor is dirt cheap, if so why not other Australian industries set up plant here.

nkkhoo says:

Ask the facilities guy, does the Seagate slider fab produces zero waste? You shoud fully aware how many erosive chemical solutions are used to make a slider.

If I follow your logic, rare earth imported to Malaysia is also not a raw material because it is processed before transport to Kuantan.

Don’t you think such argument is very pointless?

You are not a commoner, you are a manufacturer and industrialist. You should be alert that Green will come after local plastic companies after Lynas and KuaKong for causing pollution to environment.

How big USA compared to Malaysia?

Why Solar Power Inc. came to Kulim? Borch will build its new solar panel factory in Penang Island too.

FYI, solar panel factory is using radioactive and toxic ingredients too and its workers have to do blood test for every six months.

Lynas is only Australian company in Malaysia? If so, I will commit suicide to prove you are right.

Australian companies even has a council to take care their interests in Malaysia, Lynas definitely is not the sole Australian manufacturer in Malaysia.

Locate a factory to a new place is not solely labor cost, other resources like water, electricity, close to harbor, tax incentives, near to customers, etc.

Stop such labor only factor argument as many Green activists because many of them are uneducated unlike you.


Another friendly reminder, the cement in your big house is 20 times more radioactive than rare earth used by Lynas.

Nobody says:

It does not seem logical to send the material all the way from Australia to process it in malaysia if it’s not harmful. Can’t blame the people for opposing it.

nkkhoo says:

American MNCs imported raw and components from US, China, etc. to Malaysia.

Quantum Batam and Seagate Penang imported wafers from US, the wafer must be “harmful” material by using such a logic?

When people are using emotion than rational thinking, they are following Nazi mob to think that sending Jewish to hell is not harmful.

稀稀 says:


Baki says:


nkkhoo says:

Japanese united under the emperor to invade China, Korea, and south east Asia.

Unity with misguided struggle is more harmful than thorium itself.