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BN education system has churned out a bunch of emotional rakyat

BN has succeeded to educate [brainwash is a correct word] a huge bunch of Malaysians without rational and logical thinking. BN education system’s main objective is churning out rakyat without brain power to question BN policies and passing examination is only goal for attending school.

The BN education system is like a two-edge sword, it harms BN also when PR is managed to draw a bunch of them to oppose BN policies with the logic that all BN policies are evil and bad.

These below Bodohland’s ideas are too prevalence in our society,

A public policy is either good or bad.

You either BN or PR supporter.

You either support Green or reject Green.

You either a man or a girl.

The nuclear power is either good or bad.

Radioactive is either good or bad.

LAMP is either good or bad.

Najib is either a good or bad leader.

Hudud is either good or bad.


In reality, many real life issues are falling in the grey zone where no definite yes or no answer except for moral matter.

For example, Najib and Lim Guan Eng have their own weaknesses and strengths in politics, therefore criticizing them shall not make you an instant PR or BN supporter.

My good sake, there are still a small percentage of Malaysians (may be less than 1%?) with brain to think rationally and independently like Dr. Looi.

Those blind and staunch pro and anti-BN people should keep away from my blog forever, it is no good to your mental health and time for visiting

Do not let the mob culture and public opinion in the mass media to lead, influence and control your thinking path and direction. It is harmful when such mass brainwashing tactic can be manipulated by politicians to bring a nation to hell.

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Jeff says:

What has Muhyiddin got to say about the TIMSS 2011 showing that in both maths and science attainments, Malaysian students lagged far behind both the United States and Britain although he had claimed that Malaysia provides a better education than these two countries?

nkkhoo says:

He “probably picked” the math and science proficiency skill of black people in USA to compared with students in Damansara Heights.

Aidil Yunus says:

Of course more will be emotional when more than 80% now take up Arts stream instead of Science stream in order to be able to score straight As easily.

Emotional thinking will take over right-thinking.
So nkkhoo must adapt to avoid more frustration when dealing with the young generation!

sim says:

parents happy when their children get lots of As in BN education system.
but all come to job market with wrong or irrelevant skills and know how.

Baki says:




Janice says:

Jiao Zhong are civil servants, they have to support Wee Ka Siong else no promotion!

They have lost their cause, just like MCA.

We must support dong Zong.

idris says:

“right thinking” people should stand in election rather than being armchair critics ???

nkkhoo says:

All politicians in democratic nations are not right thinking people and no principle is their principle to survive in politics.

Aidil Yunus says:

Are you saying Islam Hadhari not a principle?

without principle, how to give away Limbang?

nkkhoo says:

Do you mean giving away Sabah oil field?

His bank account in Swiss would be at least USD 1 billion richer with his kindness to sign off USD300 billion worth of Sabah oil field.

Baki says:

BN brainwashes rakyat with 1Malaysia songs daily on TV (especially just before chinese news on NTV7 and 8TV).

nkkhoo says:

Brainwashing campaign from BN, PR, Green, etc. must be rejected and filtered by right-thinking people.

Hambali says:

Those propaganda 1malaysia shorts or songs are to get emotional response from rakyat to treasure the so called kestabilan and keamanan that BN claimed to have exclusive right. But change is really needed, emotionally or rationally to prevent a bankrupt nation to take shape under BN.

Aidil Yunus says:

Even MCA also invoke emotion in its mega dinner with its ‘stability above chaos’ theme that has no logic at all!

Zahid says:

Is BN using their own fund or rakyat money for such propaganda work?