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Fireworks display during the Venice Night at Muar

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jhf says:

Watch your step when walking in.Muar, as one woman fell into lonkang when the drain cover gave way.

nkkhoo says:

Missing manhole covers are mostly the work of Indian used metals trader and drug addicts. This problem is a national problem, not Muar localized issue.

Hambali says:

I think the money could be better use to help the poor. Fireworks only gives temporary thrills.
Maybe that is what Muar people need to excite their listless and boring life?

nkkhoo says:

You shall ask the same demand to Lim Guan Eng, there were more than 10 firework displays in Penang under PR.

If the fireworks supplier is local (unlikely), the money is still circulated inside the country.

I will ask local governments to source the fireworks from local if they want to celebrate any party or festival.

idris says:

Sorry that Muar is located too close to Melaka.
Tourists from KL & Spore will bypass Muar to go Melaka instead.
Melaka is the actual Venice of Msia after Melaka MB has access to public fund to splash here n there.

nkkhoo says:

Muar is definitely cannot compete with Melaka in international heritage and historical tourism.

The city has to find its unique features like eco-tourism and foodie tour to complement Melaka tourism.

Eco-tourism can cover Gunung Ledang, Sungai Mati horseshoe lake and Muar river prawn fishing safari.

Many people from KL and Singapore come to Muar river for prawn fishing, and they are not the usual tourists as you see in Melaka.

Muar food tour is doable for local and foreign tourists.

We can see more international tourists in Muar in recent years after free promotion on Muar in internet by bloggers like me and others.

Last is religious tour. I see many ordinary Singaporeans come to Chinese temples in Muar with 1-day tour package. Muar Chinese temples make money than hotels actually.

Local government should work with Singapore tour companies to extend their stay after praying in the temples.

I agree with Johor Sultan who criticized some state exco members not doing their job.

For me, Johor MCA tourism exco is sleeping and not doing his job to attract more tourists to Johor.

Muar local government is another dumb duck.

Muar first tourist map was published by MCA Muar with fund from the state government.

Muar first Chinese and English tour guide books were published by local associations without fund assistance from the government.

Next issue is I doubt how many people will buy RM100 muar pictorial guide book. I bought a 70-page Penang pictorial guide book for RM5 last week.