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Poser to PR why Islamic law is applied to non-Muslims?

We were told and assured repeatedly by PAS and PR that Hudud Laws only apply on Muslims.

Personally I do not mind Iran’s model of hudud law is applied on me because non-Mulsims in Iran are still allowed to drink alcohol. Nevertheless, I have to respect the majority of non-Muslims in Malaysia who do not want to live under Hudud law.

Although top leaders in PAS have responded that PAS MAY review no unisex hair salon by-law in Kelantan, but the response from Kota Baru council president is alarming.

He posed this question in Facebook, “Do you want your husband’s hairs cut by a pretty female barber?”

What is wrong if a man’s haircut is done by a pretty barber? A man becomes less moral for seeing a pretty girl?

Such narrow and weired thinking is not limited to certain PAS members and it was shared by Tourism Minister, Ng Yen Yen who opposed local families to hire Mainland Chinese maids for too sexy and seductive to husband.

Anyway, my friend’s wife has followed Ng’s advice by picking an ugly Indonesian maid. 🙂

What do you say, DAP? Are you going to withdraw from PR if PAS refuses to budge down on unisex by-law?

PR will lose a number of non-Muslim fence sitting votes if PAS maintains its unisex by-law.

BN would lose to PR if only 50,000 voters in those tightly contested constituencies voted PR in GE12.

Where is society headed?
Wednesday, November 28, 2012 – 14:05
WE refer to the Kelantan government’s refusal to budge from its unisex salon ruling.

As an NGO, we are deeply concerned over the direction Malaysia is heading? We have been repeatedly told that Islamic practices and hudud laws would only apply to Muslims. So why are non-Muslim now subject to gender-segregation rules in unisex salon?

For Malaysian Chinese, having hair cut by the opposite sex was never and will never be an issue. It’s a centuries-old practice and the Kelantan government has no right to impose its will on non-Muslims.

What would happen if PAS and their cohorts won the next general election. Will all Malaysians be subject to Islamic law?
We are very concerned and we have to vite with our eyes wide open. We are responsible for putting the right government in power.


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Aidil Yunus says:

At the Umno assembly, male & female delegates sat on separate side of PWTC, well segregated. Umno learning fast from PAS?

nkkhoo says:

To be fair, Islamization was started by Anwar, not PAS.

My second secondary school in Ledang is the first school in Malaysia imposed headscarf ruling to all Muslim girls in early 80s.

The ruling was spread like wildfire to every schools in Malaysia.

There was only a Malay girl resisted the ruling in my first secondary school. She was a very pretty girl, and all teachers and headmaster liked her, thus no disciplinary action was taken against her.

See, the beauty can bend the rule. 🙂

Hambali says:

This issue is wrongly interpreted by the mainstream media to discredit PAS since the PRU13 is near.
Do not read too much into it.

nkkhoo says:

Don’t think non-Malays are stupid to be fooled by the mainstream media. Malaysiakini did report the same.