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Poverty in Johor is more severe than official report

A census in Segamat conducted by The South East Asia Community Observatory, led by scientists from Monash University and the University of Copenhagen, about income and chronic disease of local population. The census is sanctioned by Johor government.

The sample size is 21736 residents with this ratio 55% Malay, 18% Chinese, 17% Indian, Orang Asli 3% and others 6%.

A major finding is 40.2% of local residents in Segamat cannot fork out RM 1,500 within 24 hours for emergency purpose. This 40% group is considered absolute poverty, but the national census says only 3.8% Malaysia households are below the absolute poverty.

A big portion of Malaysians are poorer than average GDP because of very uneven wealth distribution.

Gini Coefficient in Malaysia is the second highest in Asia and the highest in South East Asia, more serious than Cambodia and Laos. The bad news is the higher the coefficient, the wealth distribution is more uneven and unfair among the rakyat.

In plain language, 80% wealth in Malaysia is controlled by 15% rich people and the remaining 20% wealth is shared by 85% majority of poor people. The have group is 22 times more richer than have-not group.

A national shame is not a single MP is pushing hard for Gini Coefficient data to be included in the national budget.

An income gap analysis I made two years ago still hold the water.

1. GDP per capita in 2009 given by IMF is USD 6897 (ref:

2. 80% wealth controlled by 15% rich; 20% wealth controlled by 85% poor. (Source quoted from the World Bank)

3. 26 million population as at 2009.

The income distribution:

-15% rich Malaysians GDP per capita is USD 36784 per capita.

-85% poor Malaysians GDP per capita is USD 1623 per capita.

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Fazli says:

Sembilan bilik gerakan Umno di Pasir Gudang (Johor) ditutup oleh ahli Umno ekoran kecewa dengan kegagalan MB Abdul Ghani memberi hak milik tanah kepada penduduk setinggan yang tak mampu beli rumah yang harga melambung tinggi di Iskandar.

Ini menunjukkan pemimpin Umno BN gagal membela nasib melayu dengan menyerahkan tanah untuk tujuan komersial Iskandar, yang cuma di beli oleh orang Singapura konon untuk pelaburan di zon Iskandar.

nkkhoo says:

UMNO is like MCA only serving rich capitalists in return of handsome kickback.

Jessie says:

Malay Chamber of Commerce Malaysia president Syed Ali Alattas had lamented that the Malays in Johor are the poorest in Malaysia, with cost of living skyrocketing due to the significant presence of foreigners (Singaporeans) residing in the state.

80% of the former Malay-majority owned Iskandar land was now foreign-owned. The Malays in Kelantan were richer because one can buy more with the ringgit in the east coast state. The Malays can buy a bungalow for RM200,000 in Kelantan but the same would cost RM1.5 million in Johor.

In the past two decades, thousands of acres of Malay ancestral and reserve land had been acquired by Muhyiddin and now the Ghani-led Johor government using the Land Acquisition Act.

nkkhoo says:

RM2.5 in Brunei can buy a meal with sambal and a piece of chicken. The same food will cost at least RM4 in KL.

Ngayub says:

Don’t forget it is tax-free in Brunei!
Besides income tax, our purchasing power for food at restaurants also reduced by the 6% government tax!

Sarawakians and Sabahans should realise the mistake of joining Malaysia and abused by BN!

Aidil Yunus says:

If you cut off the lifeline of jobs that Johoreans enjoy in the little red dot, poverty will be higher?

nkkhoo says:

That is 100% true. My two brothers are depending on red dot for living.