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An independent and third party auditing team is needed to verify Lynas data

In order to convince me and Green Perkasa, I urge Lynas to appoint a professional team to audit and verify all data collected from LAMP in regular basis.

The team members should be made up from the private institutes, NGOs, governmenet and universities.

This suggestion should be accepted by Lynas with open arms if there is nothing to hide from the public.

Lynas fires up rare earth plant
November 30, 2012

The operations will provide real data that will show LAMP is entirely safe, says chairman Nicholas Curtis.

KUALA LUMPUR: Australian miner Lynas Corp said today it had begun processing rare earths at a controversial new plant in Malaysia after being delayed for more than a year due to public opposition over health fears.

Lynas earlier this month cleared a final hurdle when a court gave the go-ahead for the company to fire up the US$800 million (RM2.4 billion) plant in Kuantan despite residents’ and activists’ fears over radioactive waste.

“This is a significant milestone for Lynas,” the Sydney-listed company’s chairman Nicholas Curtis said in a statement on the plant’s start-up.

He said the long-delayed start of operations would now “provide real data that will assure people that the LAMP [Lynas Advanced Materials Plant] is entirely safe for our local communities and the environment”.

The refinery is set to become one of few sites outside China to process rare earths – metals used in high-tech equipment ranging from missiles to mobile phones that have become increasingly important to the world economy.

Lynas and the Malaysian government have touted the facility as an important high-tech foreign investment project that will benefit the local economy and provide jobs.

But it has been dogged by criticism from environmentalists and residents – opposition that has galvanised a nascent “green” movement in Malaysia and seen anti-Lynas protests by thousands of people.

Legal moves to block the plant have repeatedly postponed its start-up.

Following Lynas’s court victory, opponents this month staged a 13-day, 300-km (186-mile) march from Kuantan to Kuala Lumpur to rally opposition.

Media reports said the march had swelled to several thousand by the time it reached the capital.

Lynas, however, insists the plant is safe and that any radioactive waste would be low-level and not harmful.

A photo posted today on Lynas Malaysia’s official Facebook page showed an electronic screen at the plant’s entrance displaying information on air and water quality.

China currently supplies about 95% of the world’s rare earths. Lynas hopes the Malaysian plant, which will process material from its Mount Weld mine in Western Australia, will help break Chinese dominance of the market.

Lynas has said that by early 2013 the plant will be able to supply 22,000 tons of rare earth concentrates per year.

Meanwhile, shares in Australia’s Lynas Corp rose as much as 6% after it said it started operation at its long-delayed processing plant.

Lynas shares were up 4.4% to A$0.71 by 2314GMT, but are still well below levels above A$1.50 at the start of the year.

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Nicole says:




nkkhoo says:

Your concrete house is not free from radioactive materials. Sorry, I forget Green Perkasa is a selective liar.

G Dragon Bang says:

I am 50-50 until i read this article. Let’s all be rationale right thinking folks like nkkhoo has said.

How much waste will be produced, what kind of radiation it produces (alpha, beta or gamma) and in what form, what kinds of effects can these have on humans and the environment, why the plant is sited so close to human habitation and water sources, where and how the waste will be stored and disposed, whether Lynas is simply using Malaysia as a cheap offshore processing site where it can leave its waste — these are all valid and pressing questions that the government and Lynas have failed to adequately answer.

nkkhoo says:

If you can read Chinese language, you will notice Green Perkasa spreading all sort of lies and myths about radioactive waste in Lynas in which Dr. Looi and I have rebutted them one by one with scientific thinking.

But let the actual data do the talking, not solely based on preliminary assumptions in IAEA report to assure the Lynas plant is safe in the long term operation.

Roy says:

I think many treat Dr Looi’s argument as hypothesis, not theory.
So we have to understand tehir point of view.

nkkhoo says:

Green Perkasa rubbishes IAEA report…so use your brain to judge science is worst than hearsay or otherwise.