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KV MRT cost is over inflated for three times

The cost of building KV MRT is more than bullet train in China.

Any China MRT construction company will able to build 51 Km Sungai Buloh-Kajang at RM 15 billion, not 50 billion or so. I believe YTL will able to do the job at RM15 billion too.

Go figure out RM 35 billion leakage under the super corrupt BN government for a mega project.

More details about Hongzhoou MRT.

Why the great difference in cost

THE news report on the new Hangzhou MRT in China is most enlightening.

The MRT line is 48km long, has 31 stations, and runs mostly underground while boasting of many complex engineering feats including crossings under the West Lake, the Qiantang River, the Grand Canal, several railway lines, tunnelling through pebble beds and through a methane gas filled environment.

Inspite of all these obstacles, the cost is equivalent to RM11.8bil (24bil Yuan).

Our Sungei Buloh-Kajang MRT line will cover a distance of 51km, of which a mere 9.5km (18%) is underground. Co-incidentally there are also 31 stations, except most of

our stations are elevated and not underground.

The big difference is the cost which is reportedly between RM40bil to RM50bil compared to RM11.8bil it costs in Hangzhou.

This is equivalent to approximately RM1mil per metre! Perhaps MRT Corp would enlighten us how the cost differs so enormously.

MRT Corp should also enlighten us on cost comparison with other MRT lines e.g. in Singapore and Hong Kong to put us in correct perspective.

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