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PR Selangor is a bigot against Hindu altar?

There are hundred of altars in my new village in Johor and countless altars in the Chinese houses, yet I have never seen BN-controlled local government come to demolish Tao altars built in the private compound.

Local government in Sepang should issue a guideline on the allowable size of private altar. Demolishing private altars in the private land with illegal structure reason is unacceptable.

But I have observed an odd thing that many Hindu altars and temples were demolished in Selangor either by BN or PR government.

The problem is not simple and straight forward as we thought, the government is always in the wrong side.

I have seen an illegal Hindu temple built on the private land next to flats. It will become another sensitive issue if DBKL decides to demolish the structure.

The root cause is no land is reserved for Church, Hindu and Buddhist temples in many housing estates.

Indians outraged over demolition of Hindu altar in house

A MPSP officer demolishing the altar at Gopi’s house in Sepang.

SEPANG: The Sepang Municipal Council’s (MPSP) demolition of a Hindu altar in a house in Taman Seroja in Bandar Baru Salak Tinggi last week has caused an uproar in the Indian community.

The MIC and several Indian groups are demanding an explanation from the council and the Selangor Government for the high-handed action.

MIC Youth secretary C. Sivarraajh said 30 enforcement officers from the council went to the house on Nov 20 and demolished the altar, which was erected within the gated compound.

House owner Umah Devi, 35, said she received a notice from the council to demolish it on grounds that the structure was allegedly in violation of council bylaws.

“My husband went to the council to appeal and was told it would be considered. But we received another notice stating that we would have to pay a RM250 daily fine if we did not tear it down,” she said.

“The officers arrived without notice. We tried to negotiate with them but they went ahead and demolished it,” she said.

Indian Athma Sakthi Association president and founder M. Vasantha Kumar @ Vasan, said it was common for Hindus and Chinese to have altars.

“This action clearly shows that the Selangor Government, of which PAS is a part of, is not tolerant towards Hindu culture. Does this mean that under the Pakatan Rakyat, the Hindus, Buddhist and Taoists cannot have altars at home?” he asked.

State executive councillor Dr Xavier Jeyakumar said local councils had the right to take action against illegal structures built inside or outside a house, adding that the state government could not interfere without a valid reason.

“If the affected party lodges a complaint, we will look into it,” he said in statement to Tamil newspapers.

He said the altar could not be construed as a religious place as there had been no prayers or ceremonies held there.

Sivarraajh described Dr Xavier’s response as “nonsense” as the altar was built for a religious purpose.

“Is he saying that those who erect altars inside their homes have contravened laws?” he asked.

He said Pakatan had promised that it would not demolish any religious place when it came to power in 2009 but since then, seven temples had been torn down.

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Roy says:

In PR states, many state councilors are civil servants still ikut perintah from BN due to ingrained BTN ideology entrenched deep in their brain.

nkkhoo says:

The reply from PR Indian exco is suck, it makes the issue more insulting to Indian.

Instead of admitted PR own mistake, PR Selangor pushed the issue to a Hindu religion NGO for not advising Hindu followers to abide by law.

This kind of insensitivity to religion will cost PR losing a number of Indian votes.