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Adnan promises to cut off his ears if Bentong loses to PR...don't play play

I remembered a young villager challenged me to throw the basket ball into the net from the baseline at other far end. He promised to cuf off his pennis if I could throw the ball into the net in one trial.

The ball fell into the net after one trial only due to my lady luck. The villager was so embarrassed for keeping his pennis.

A Malay youth did swear he will cut off his pennis if Malaysian female athlete could win a medal in diving event.

Don’t play with such challenge, Adnan will regret for saying such a stupid remark.

But I agree with Adnan that the majority of Green Perkasa are outsiders to Gebeng.

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damien says:

adnan said mca’s fate is in bentong. can close shop if lose in bentong.
people will vote to see adnan got his ear cut out.

qabila says:

Adnan dah melampau batas!

nkkhoo says:

Cut off his ears is more civilized than blocking the Kuantan by terrorists.

qtrina says:

we support Auntie Mei to get Adnan to apologise!

nkkhoo says:

You and ghost to make up WE?

黑面 says:


Roy says:

Adnan must live up to ‘janji ditepati’.
For his folly, many people will make him fulfil his ‘pledge’.
He must also learn how to swim in a river.