Lynas Issue by Dr. HW Looi >>>

Another stupidity from Chinese Youth Body

“無法證明不會破壞環境” [The authorities cannot prove Lynas is not damaging environment]

This is like you have to prove you are innocent in the court.

Insofar, mostly are Chinese people influenced by Sin Chew Daily against Lynas. Their so-called evidences are lies and myths cannot be tested and substantiated by scientific facts.

China has reduced rare earth mining for two reasons,

1. To maintain rare earth strategic stock for a longer period before fully depleted within 30-year with the current production rate.

2. To regulate illegal mining sites and reduce pollution from these illegal mines and factories.

Why China not shutting down all rare earth mines and factories if the pollution is too disastrous and detrimental to environment? According to Green Perkasa’s logic, China government is killing its people with thorium. 🙂

Now a donkey jumped out to issue a ridiculous statement that the authorities cannot prove Lynas is not damaging environment.

According to a newspapers vendor in Muar, Sin Chew has lost a significant readership after taking pro-BN stance. In my opinion, Sin Chew Editor has to support anti-Lynas campaign in order to regain the lost ground with all sorts of lies and myths against Lynas.

Lynas Management, you better hire Chinese lawyers to gather all evidences printed in Sin Chew if you want to win the battle in the Chinese community. unlike Sin Chew Daily is more neutral in Lynas issue, Lynas has bullied FMT for the wrong reason.

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黑面 says:





Roy says:

From time to time sin chew and any other chinese newspaper are arm-twisted to be pro-BN in order to safeguard their license. In fact, to cari makan one has to occasionally obey the ‘law’.

nkkhoo says:

A newspapers pro BN or pro PR is nothing wrong, but fact twisting to mislead public is something I condemn.

Utusan is a perfect example in fact twisting.

Azrai says:

Trust prominent blogger like you who is not influenced by commercialism to do the poll not tainted by pakatan or bn or scientists.

nkkhoo says:

I am considered bias in a poll for siding Lynas in technical aspect.

You still do not understand what is random, non-bias and representative in sampling during a poll. Only the professional polling company can do the job, not me, Malaysiakini, Sin Chew, etc.

Azrai says:

i said at the corner of your beloved Muar which is Batu Pahat !

You can conduct a poll in your blog to gauge the sentiments of your readers about Lynas – if not sure how to do it i can guide you.

nkkhoo says:

When Muar is called Bandar Puteri?

Do you understand what is a proper poll or not? Ask the professional company like Gallup to do it, not any online blog or portal.

Azrai says:

My wife is a Chinese and of course I understand the sentiments of the community; and I support multi-lingual education which sadly our blueprint has not been very fair frankly speaking.

BTW, right at the corner of your bandar Puteri at Batu Pahat now there is a big event which you have overlooked ???

nkkhoo says:

Your wife is what is nothing to do with Lynas.

Another stupidity is to say my wife is a Chinese, then I know the sentiment of Chinese. Your wife represents the whole Chinese in Malaysia?

Stop showing such stupidity here, only Malaysiakini welcomes its stupid paid users to say similar silly thing. I pity with Malaysiakini, its editor has to accept all shitty comments for afraid of losing paid readers.

Sin Chew has brainwashed its readers with lies and myths from day one.

I wonder why FreeMalaysiaToday was sued, not the Sin Chew by Lynas. Lynas has to pay for the price for suing the wrong party and let Sin Chew spreading lies against Lynas to Chinese community.

Have you conducted a proper poll to see what all Chinese say about Lynas? Have you asked local residents in Gebeng what they think about Lynas?

Which idiot told you my kampung is in Batu Pahat?

Azrai says:

nkkhoo, irresponsible Chinese youth ???

see here what we call small brains low iq, agree ???

nkkhoo says:

More stupid when Green Perkasa tried to discredit police and Pahang government with this silly photo.

What is wrong to install a radioactive counter in the police station?

Build the counter in public space for Green Perkasa to sabotage it is called fair ad just?

Azrai says:

Why you compare with Communist China’s small brain mentality ?

China has cheap labour to build railway from Gansu to Xinchiang etc and Malaysia can never always rely on cheap Bangla who are here to make money at the expense of halth.

nkkhoo says:

Build the bullet train and normal train in the highland in China
is not low tech feast. You still think China is living in 60s.

Such ignorance is telling the true state of mind for Green Perkasa.