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How shrimp snacks get their bright colour in China?

Factory workers cook the shrimp snacks in large amounts of dye to achieve the bright colour.

If you think these tasty little dried shrimp come naturally in an appetising bright orange, think again.

These pictures show workers in China dying the shrimp with large amounts of powdered dyes before drying them in the sun prior to packing for sale.

So the next time you tear open one of these bags of tasty snacks, have a think about how safe they are to consume.

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Janice says:

Why don’t you ask how the local bak kua got its bright colour?

nkkhoo says:

Show your proof instead of empty talk.

Janice says:

I am just asking you how they got bright color from dead meat.

nkkhoo says:

Let be precise. Do you mean selling pork from dead pigs?

Do not eat Cha Sau (roasted pork) cooked with dying powders is my advice.