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PPR is feasible only after the land is paid by federal government

I support BN to build PPR for more poor people to stay in the Georgetown.

This debacle is showing PR government under Lim Guan Eng is ruling by law by canceling first land sale deal to a hospital unilaterally.

Any investor wanted to deal with a flip-flop Chief Minister in future?

This is a big question investor will ask before they invest their money in Penang.

Penang BN Wants To Build PPR In Taman Manggis

GEORGE TOWN, Dec 5 (Bernama) — The Penang Barisan Nasional (BN) has decided it will embark on a People’s Housing Project (PPR) on land in Taman Manggis, here, to help poor people in the state.

State BN Youth chief Oh Tong Keong said this decision was made during a meeting recently which also rejected a proposal by Taman Manggis Fasa 2 Development Sdn Bhd director Khoo Boo Soon, who wants to construct affordable homes on the 0.45-hectare land.

“Our decision to build a PPR to help state residents is final and is in line with BN’s original purpose for rebuying the land,” he told a news conference here Wednesday.

In his proposal, Khoo had said that the company would build affordable houses for a price of RM400 per square feet (of the parcel).

Khoo said they planned to build a 22-storey building consisting of two types of housing units measuring 1,000 sq ft and 860 sq ft, 11 shop units which will be handed to the Penang Municipal Council for free, a recreational park and 250 parking lots.


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KS Tan says:

nkkhoo if you want to set up consultant office in penang and look to buy property, better come to Komtar concourse to apply for PDC’s affordable housing at Taman Cassia (Batu Kawan) or Cheliah St (the one replacing Taman Manggis) in Georgetown.
I am taking leave to go Komtar later.

With your constant bugging on Taman Manggis issue, may be you get the priortity from state gomen to offer you one.

nkkhoo says:

I prefer to work in China in my next move. Only terrible air and water quality in China hold me up.

JYT says:

The land grabs in Johor have been going on the past two decades, starting with Muhyiddin, and now with Ghani and his government using the Act to acquire land to be alienated to cronies for property development.

It was Mahathir, using Barisan Nasional (BN)’s overwhelming majority in Parliament in 1991, who passed the Land Acquisition Amendment Bill.

The rephrasing of sections of the Land Acquisition Act 1960 basically gave incontestable power to state governments to seize private land for development by private companies and individuals. Lands originally acquired for public purposes can also be used for private development.

Before the amendments, land could only be acquired for public purposes or for public utilities like building of roads, schools, hospitals, pipelines, water or power plants, etc.

With the addition of “…for any purpose which in the opinion of the State Authority is beneficial to the economic development of Malaysia”, no land is safe.

The term “beneficial to the economic development of Malaysia” is as subjective as you can get. A piece of land can be acquired to build a posh five-star hotel, an amusement park or a golf resort because in the opinion of the government it would bring in the tourist dollar and create jobs for locals, not to mention enriching the private companies which would, of course, be paying taxes.

That was Umno and Mahathir’s “killer” and is the cause of land grabs everywhere today. This has actually rendered all land in Malaysia as unsafe investment.

The moment the land you own is eyed by the greedy Umno cronies, that’s it. In the name of development (i.e. Umno’s pockets), you will be paid peanuts but Umno and its cronies will develop and reap millions or billions of ringgit.

Aidil Yunus says:

Yesterday The Star said Najib will build low cost housing with price ranging from RM100K-RM400K. the price range is so wide. What is the standard deviation?

How can you call RM400K low cost?

election gimmick also must have some credibility, right?

Wai Kin says:

I wonder why the Housing Ministry never make it compulsory for those super-rich developers to build low-cost housing, at least as a show of corporate social responsibility?

Did you notice that that there is no award for ‘best low cost housing’?

I have asked this question to property consultants ike Ho Chin Soon and Gavin but they cannot answer.

I agree with boyle that nkkhoo should be in Penang to see things for himself, and to savour the nasi kandar!

nkkhoo says:

There is compulsory requirement to build low cost housing for every project.

The problem is some states like Penang allows contra payment from the developers and exempted them from building low cost housing in the same location.

LGE and previous CM believed poor people cannot stay together with rich people in a high premium location.

Wai Kin says:

The same problem also in JB.
Tell me where you can find new low cost housing in Iskandar, a paradise for rich people from Singapore.
Setia Sky88 is for mega rich!
Civil servatns got no worry as they are provided quarters.

Grace says:

Penangites like me know too well that Kpg Buah Pala is no issue but is constantly picked by BN bloggers to confuse people outside Penang.

Gerakan era is already known for no affordable housing in Penang where market forces is at play.
The Malays willingly sold their land an d houses to migrate to mainland for their preferred kampung living, and it is Umno that is making all the noise. Nobody chased the Malays out of the island but it was their own decision!

nkkhoo says:

Many Chinese also migrate to mainland because of unable to buy expensive homes in island.

I also forgot Indians have different color skin with you, why you care for them?

Venki says:

Do not assume that chiense do not care for the Indian community.
My neighbour is a chinese and they have been very helpful to me, unlike most of the chinese families in Johor who choose to look at things from skin color perspective.

nkkhoo says:

Your neighbor must be not a member to any political party.

You like a typical Penangite, anti-outsider.

thupaki says:

I keep this comment is to let the low life knows that his comments all deleted to save internet resources.

My blog is not a public toilet to keep shits.

boyle says:

fyi PM Najib & 1st Lady Rosmah will be in Penang this Saturday to make important annoucement eg Pr1ma housing program at USM; and may be Taman Manggis is part of the scheme.
if you are free come over to Penang and don’t miss the opportunity to have breakfast (permata nasi lemak) at Bayan Baru market with Rosmah ! If cannot make it, then join the PM at UDA Tanjung Tokong dinner event. see you

boyle says:

Hanya Tunggu Masa BN Pulau Pinang Tepati Janji Bayar RM22 juta Tanah Taman Manggis 25 NOV

Aidil Yunus says:

This is what I have received from my Penang friend:

The Penang state government had considered the land too small for public housing when the Housing and Local Government Ministry sets the minimum land area required is 2 acres. Instead an 11 acre site in Jalan S.P. Chelliah was chosen to build public housing- something not done before. The Taman Manggis land was chosen for a private hospital and sold by open competitive tender at RM 232 per square foot, which is above the Federal government’s valuation price of RM 212 per square foot.

Even though BN has claimed that the land was set aside by the BN state government in 2003 to build PPR, there was no public announcement in the newspapers from 2003-8. Why BN could not and had no money to build PPR from 2003-7 when BN was in power, but BN can find RM 22,407,300 to do so when they are in opposition?

Teng and BN Penang’s excuse for not paying up because the land had already been sold to KLIDC and that there is no sales and purchase agreement ignores the fact that no land title has been issued. How can there be a sales and purchase agreement without any land titles? And so long as the land title is not issued, the state government has the prerogative to sell the land to any other person. This land sale is a special case not by open tender, but directly granted to BN Penang by alienation.

The same situation applies when the Penang Port Commission paid in full the RM 15 million premium for the land on Swettenham Pier. In that case, there was also no sale and purchase agreement. Instead it was granted by alienation like the Taman Manggis land. As the land title was not issued, the state government can refund the premium to Penang Port Commission in full and hold on to the land title. Even KLIDC accepts this legal status and the sale of the Taman Manggis land to BN Penang by the state government, subject to a full refund of their premium paid and reimbursement of costs incurred.

nkkhoo says:

I signed a sales and purchase agreement before a grant was issued to the apartment. Frankly, I do not know the state government is exempted from the Sales and Purchase Act.

1. LGE refused to issue a sales and purchase agreement because he had no intended to sell the land in the first place.

2. The payment period under the land code is 60-day, not 30-day as claimed by LGE.

3. LGE said state government has to compensate the buyer with huge amount for Kampung Buah Pala’s land sale if the sale was canceled unilaterally.

I am very confuse why there are two sets of Land Code in less than five years although no amendment was passed in the same period.

Rajesh says:

Penangites know the issue very well and they know BN is seeking cheap publicity. Penangites are tired of BN for the lack of progress under Gerakan. Pakatan has doen great job in Penang and the people are very happy.

However, BN is using Penang issue to fool people outside the state.
Seems like nkkhoo also been influence by such BN propaganda (Sad!).

My friend has a relative in Kampung Buah Pala.
He told me the residents there are indebted to Penang state government for the help.
Hoever, such thing is not reported on mainstream media,especially The Star, taht is BN controlled.

nkkhoo says:

Anyone criticize LGE is due to influence of bad influence of mass media.

Can’t DAP supporter find a better excuse? Only Green Perkasa buy in your high EQ propaganda.

boyle says:

clearly you have not been coming to Penang for a while. ask the people (local & outsiders as well) who come “makan” at Lorong Selamat which is near this Taman manggis and you will have a clearer answer whether LGE or Teng is misleading the rakyat.