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The little Napoleon strikes again

UMNO is more moderate than PAS in this headscarf issue.

I know Chinese folks support PR because they hated BN more than PR, but be alerted PAS Youth are Muslim fanatics. The PAS Youth leader, Nasrudin Hassan is a future Taliban in the making.

The overzealous headmasters are imposing their own rule in schools.

Just to remind our young generation that headscarf in our schools was made popular by Anwar Ibrahim after Iranian revolution in 1979. This is only Anwar’s old policy not in my favor.

Ironically, I did ask an Iranian headscarf is a compulsory attire for female Muslims in Iran. He replied no and claimed the headscarf is Arabian culture.

I seldom saw Indonesian female Muslims wearing headscarf in Indonesia.

Muslim students not forced to wear tudung, says ministry

Above photo is Malaysia’s Deputy Education Minister Dr Mohd Puad Zarkashi.
The Star/Asia News Network
Friday, Dec 07, 2012

PETALING JAYA: Female Muslim students should not be forced to cover their heads with a headscarf (tudung) in school, said Deputy Education Minister Dr Mohd Puad Zarkashi.

Although female Muslim students were encouraged to wear tudung and baju kurung in school, he said they were also given the option to wear pinafore and not wear the tudung.

“School principals can encourage, but they can’t force female Muslim students to wear tudung. This shouldn’t be an issue,” he said.

In a circular issued by the Education Ministry in 1993, it stated that schools didn’t have the authority to enforce their own uniform code on students.

Under the circular, three uniform options were given to students pinafore and blouse, baju kurung, kain sarung and tudung, baju kurung and kain sarung.

The circular also mentioned that students were required to follow the uniform code set by the ministry and that they should not be pressured into donning the tudung.

The Star has received several letters recently from Muslim parents in Selangor complaining that their daughters studying in non-religious secondary schools were told to wear tudung by their teachers and school principals.

The Selangor Education Department has confirmed that no circular was issued to force female Muslim students into wearing tudung.

A principal from a secondary school in Kajang said female Muslim students were only required to wear tudung during religious classes.

“Female Muslim students are encouraged to wear tudung. There are those who don’t but it’s not a problem. We don’t force them to wear the tudung,” said the principal, adding that the pinafore was also allowed for Muslim students.

The comment board with Facebook account.
Senior Chinaman says:

I have many Muslim friends being very reserved in dressings are their faithful choices only MCA folks like to stir issues to frighten non-muslims until some bloggers also get influenced !
Coming from their perspective, many massage/restaurants are the fronts for immoral activities for small brains with itchy-bitchy temptations so you have to blame certain authorities aproving that. The raids are for show and ex. IGP boss can confirm this and that the masters behind are connected ones.

nkkhoo says:

Don’t mixed up corruption with tudung issue.

Some Muslims in Malaysia think they are more religious than others, and wanted to impose their Islamic values on other Muslims and non-Muslims too. PAS Youth is a typical Taliban example.

I have many Indonesian Muslim friends without wearing tudung, I do not feel they are more evil and corrupt than some Muslims here.

mie says:

your article is embarrassing. you do not even know the facts before writing. Wearing tudung is not a compulsory, but it is a MUST for muslim to close the aurat. thus, tudung is one of the option to close the aurat. please do more research b4 writing. What if i question Buddhist or christian practice? it’s not good isn’t it?

nkkhoo says:

Do you understand what is the meaning of compulsory?

The Muslim girls should cover the whole face like some Middle East girls I saw in Bukit Bintang if you are talking about cover the aurat.

Tudung has never fully covered the aurat as per Islamic teaching. I see it as a cultural issue as the Iranian told me.

You can question the attire of Buddhists, I do not think they go amok for taking your question.

In fact, you should understand monk’s attire because many fake monks from China are begging money from the public members.

A genuine monk never loitering at the hawker centers, shopping centers, LRT stations, etc. and begging money.

Aidil Yunus says:

I see nothing wrong with Muslim girls wearing tudung.

You should ask why so many Ah Moi wearing miniskirts like prostitutes in public places! Menjolok Mata!!!

nkkhoo says:

Let the people have free choice in attire, but there is a limit like body too exposure is never a local culture except the orang asli in Malaysia.