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MCA is entitled to steal land because it fought for citizenship for Chinese?

This is like UMNO goon in saying UMNO is rakyat, they can steal land at will.

Malaya Communist Party is more qualified than MCA for land grab for their armed struggle against Japanese. MCP not MCA was invited by Elizabeth Queen to participate in the victory parade in London

S’gor land grabs: Now, MCA found sitting on cheap land

There have been more revelations of land grabs by Barisan Nasional while in power in Selangor.

The latest being a plot of land located in Kajang’s commercial centre covering 6,900 square feet.

According to Serdang member of parliament Teo Nie Ching the land was bought by Hulu Langat MCA at RM1 per square foot in 2001. Now, it is understood that the land costs RM150 per square foot.

“What is more surprising is that the land is now taken over by the Federal government for the MRT project with compensation to MCA at an undisclosed sum,” she told DAP organ Roketkini.

According to Teo, the Hulu Langat MCA division headquarters was constructed on the land, and not kindergarten or public halls as the party promised earlier when the land was bought.

Teo called on MCA president Chua Soi Lek and his son, Chua Tee Yong, who is also deputy Agriculture and Agro-based minister, to explain how the Chinese-only party managed to obtain land at such a low price.

“The compensation they get from Federal government is the profit they are making,” she said, and added that the Kajang Municipal Council building adjacent to the MCA division headquarters had demanded RM16 million as compensation for the MRT project.

Earlier, Sekinchan state assemblyman Ng Suee Lim disclosed 24 plots of lands sold to various BN component parties when the coalition ruled Selangor.

The 33.5 acres or 1.45 million square feet of lands, he said, had been sold at RM1 per square foot or RM1.4 million between 1999 and 2008. At market price, those lands would fetch between RM20 million and RM300 million.

Of the 24 plots of lands, Ng claimed five were bought by MCA.


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Leslie Loh says:

MCA has 7 seats in Johor, where only two have Malay majority that MCA is banking on i.e. Air Hitam and Alor Gajah. The rest are shaky if not gone already. Some 80% to 85% of non-Malays are supporting Pakatan and 50% of the Malays will vote for Pakatan. So MCA has a dim prospect in Johor?

Jess says:

TWO time bombs have exploded in the MCA recently but the mainstream media, especially MCA’s mouthpiece, The Star, has down played the news.

About 1,000 MCA members from Penang and Johor have resigned en bloc. They cite the loss of confidence in the party leadership as their reason for quitting.

The resignations are only the tip of the iceberg and it signals the beginning of the imploding of Barisan Nasional (BN)’s second largest component party.

According to a few of those who quit, more MCA members nationwide are expected to quit in the run-up to the next general election. The mainstream media are down playing the news because it is a major blow for the MCA and BN’s preparations for the general election widely expected to be called by Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak in February or March.

Those who quit say they had lost confidence in the MCA leadership because it is led by a scandal-tainted and immoral president, Dr Chua Soi Lek.

“Whenever he speaks on any issue, it backfires and is a laughing stock of the people or grassroots.

This is because Chua is in no position to talk about issues on morality and integrity. “We cannot continue to be associated with such a leader and his cronies who are only looking after their own interest and positions,” said a former MCA member who is known to this writer.

Citing recent events and issues, the former member said: “It is embarrassing to MCA for Chua to talk about freedom of the press and freedom of speech. “What is he talking about when the first thing he (Chua) did when he won the presidency by fluke was to place The Star directly under the control of the party. “The paper is now under the overall control of a panel that includes his son (Tee Yong) as a key member. He also appointed his son in government positions.

“The MCA leadership is now led by a man who is morally tainted and one who practices nepotism and cronyism to turn the party into his family’s empire,” he added.

Another former member added: “Just watch how MCA implodes in the run-up to the 13th General Election. At least 30 per cent of its members will eventually abandon the party by polling day.”

In another development, party insiders say Selangor MCA is in shambles following a fallout between Chua and state MCA chief Donald Lim Siang Chai.

As the state chief, Lim does not even have the say to decide which seat to contest.

Lim is said to be eyeing the Selayang parliamentary seat but Chua already has someone else in mind – possibly a woman candidate.

What is telling is that Lim does not even have the confidence to try and wrest back his former seat – PJ Selatan – where he was beaten by PKR’s Hee Loy Sian by 5,706 votes in 2008.Party insiders say the backdoor Deputy Finance Minister Senator is now desperate and is manoeuvring to get what he wants.

The insiders say it would be most interesting to see how severely Selangor MCA would be split by the Chua-Lim tussle for control of the state.

KY Ong says:

Failures of MCA:

1. Failure to get United Chinese School Examination (UCE) recognized.

2. Failure to settle the PKFZ issue.

3. Failure to condemn corruption and rent seeking in general.

4. Failure to said even a word when Teoh and others died in custody.

5. Failure to oppose negotiated tender at the national level. The hypocrites make lots of noise that no Chinese got DID contract in Penang.

6. Failure to oppose all the rent seeking projects, IPP’s, IWK, Syabas, highways.

7. Failure to condemn public land grab.

8. Failure to use MCA paper for transparency, but instead using it for propaganda.

9. Failure to condemn Utusan.

10. Failure to condemn Perkasa and Ibrahim Ali himself.

11. Failure to response to Nazri’s comment that MCA is like an abused wife.

12. Failure to get scholarship for the many deserving and in need.

13. Failure to speak out against Christian bashing during the Allah issue.

14. Failure to support Bersih for a clean, free and fair elections, and instead took to lying (Tung Shin hospital) and apple polishing big brother.

15. Failure to speak out again AP’s and Proton. Both increase the costs of cars for all Malaysians.

16. Failure to advise Namewee, whose fault was using vulgar language to condemn racist principals.

17. Failure to speak out against the NFC scandal, of which MCA has a deputy minister.

18. Failure to speak out for the rakyat on the case of the Scorpene deal.

19. Threaten to withdraw from all government positions, if they get less seats than 2008.

20. Supporting all policies, even if they hurt the rakyat, as long as they get a share of the cake, perhaps some crumps will do.

21. Supporting football betting, just because his boss wants it, falsely claiming it to be non-Malay right. (It may be good for one Chinese, but what about the thousands who will suffer as a result.)

22. Supporting the Evidence Act, OSA, ISA, PPPA, EA and other repressive laws.

23. Supporting the man made water and electricity crisis in Selangor.

24. Supporting and maybe profiting from all the speed traps set up all along the highway. (We support speed trap as deterrence, not profit.) Now AES!

25. Supporting hudud in Trengganu and Kelantan when it was passed in the state assembly. What hypocrites!

26. Becoming the tool of a political bully, by supporting blindly, (“through thick and thin”).

27. Failure to ensure sufficient and qualified teachers in chinese schools.

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nkkhoo says:

There is column 100 reasons to say No to BN.

MCA is waiting Chinese to knock last nail for them.

Ernie says:


1) 陈祯禄说为了让华社得到公平对待,更美好的将来,请支持马华争取独立。结果你我成了二等公民,时不时要听了说balik 唐山.









nkkhoo says:

Stop changing the name of person you want to criticize. I will delete any comments with name like 林鱼头, Chua CD, etc. in future without notice.

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七千块买价值百万土地 马华拿来建党所!




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