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Garbage in Garbage out

I remember Prof. Emeritus Khoo Kay Kim said something like this in a TV interview, “Our new students in the universities scored all As, but they know nothing in everything.”

The childish responses from the Green Perkasa without scientific reasoning is also reinforced my old perception that Malaysia education is a garbage in garbage out recycle system.

I doubt how many students can do self-study for additional mathematics nowadays. I just did that during my Form Four and proved my headmaster was wrong for saying no student could take additional mathematics subject without the guidance and coaching from a qualified math teacher.

Malaysia in need of quality human capital: Noh Mohamed

KEPALA BATAS, Dec 9 (Bernama) — Malaysia was in need of highly-skilled and quality human capital to face future global challenges, as well as efforts to become a high-income nation, said Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop.

Therefore, he said the government continued to commit in providing various facilities and infrastructures at educational institutions, including schools, to ensure each student was given a comfortable learning process.

“Besides that, the government has provided programmes and incentives to ensure academic fields suited the current demands of the industry.

“The government has also implemented measures and approaches to make sure no student was left out from obtaining an education,” he said.

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Mac Davis says:

Prof KKK should know that changes in current education system must be made. But BN must pacify its Malay politicians, Malay civil officers, Perkasa folks and the kampong folks at the expense of destroying talent, innovation and capability of students who have the capability of taking on the world and benefitting this country in the process.

The Barisan Nasional has killed the futures of millions of school children just so they cling on to power. This party must be removed without further ado.

dennis says:

Well said although nkkhoo cannot offend MCA.

nkkhoo says:

The results of student union elections prove UMNO’s brainwashing education is so successful.

Nicole says:

加拿大辐射专家罗莎丽柏蒂说:“一般成年人即便是受到辐射影响,亦不会感觉得到,因为辐射遗毒是潜伏性的,需要经过很长一段时间方回显露出来,不过,如果卵子受精,辐射的影响就会很快显露出来,因为受辐射影响的孕妇将会产下畸形婴儿。 她指出,这种遗传性的辐射危害是一种慢性死亡,可能会延至第三或第四代;如果细胞严重受损,将会造成孕妇较易流产。

根据1988年1月26日《南洋商报》就二十多年前亚洲稀土厂的报道,罗莎丽柏蒂说,辐射是溶入尘埃或气体,通过呼吸和触摸而侵入人体,尤其是孩童,若暴露在这类辐射范围,很容易受感染。” 避免公害,公众们还需要继续努力。只要一个不顾公众利益的政府存在一天,那经济公害的威胁永远存在。

nkkhoo says:

Now these green Perkasa came out another fake theory, radioactive particles can dissolve into dust or air. 🙂

PLK says:




nkkhoo says:

The Lynas waste is a non-issue until BN government is dancing with the Green Perkasa to change radioactive standard to 1Bq/g against international standard of 5Bq/g.

Foreign and local investors will stay away from Malaysia is a sure thing under such flip-flop government. Don’t be crying when you see Robert Kuok invests USD 10 billion in Indonesia.

Why foreign investors avoid Penang now? Because they have to deal with a flip-flop state government under LGE and unreasonable environmental requirements.

Purdeep Singh says:

nkkhoo you still can reverse your decision before too late (swallow ego) that Lynas has more than 50% pose serious health problem.
we understand your predicament but we can forgive.

nkkhoo says:

I did challenge Green Perkasa folks openly, I hold the WLP with my bare hands and they all jump into Pahang river in nude. I will hold the WLP until they all come out from the river.

Truth has to be tested in practical, I hope Green Perkasa got gut to take my challenge.

Fanny says:

If the wastes (garbage from Lynas) would not be exported but would not remain in Malaysia, then where will they go? what will happen to them? Lynas now is saying that they will be processed and turned into synthetic aggregates for export. How is the danger level of the radioactive substances present in the wastes considerably lowered when they (the wastes) are processed into synthetic aggregates and thus render the aggregates danger-free?

nkkhoo says:

BN government will lose its credibility to foreign investors by forcing Lynas to export wastes after the pressure from Green Perkasa.

Usop says:

When radioactive material is involved, any country will be wary to buy such products, subjected to stringent checks. People might be expose to radiation in the long term use such materials. If dump into sea for landfill, it might get into food chain. I am sure malaysians will protest if Singapore do landfill with it, so who want to take this political and environmental risk? Frankly if given a choice, who would wants to accept radioactive materials as waste or finished products?

nkkhoo says:

Bribe those corrupt foreign leaders to accept industrial waste is a common practice.

qtrina says:

that is what has happened in Lynas Malaysia, you can see from the inconnsistent remark from the ministers.

herman says:

Now we are told Lynas waste will be processed into by-products before it is exported out of Malaysia.

Question is, the process of making by products could pose health risks?

nkkhoo says:

What chemical process carries no health risk? Just tell me one is good enough.