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Malaysia's top enemy is corruption

This offending Trivedi cartoon shows "Corruption" about to rape "Mother India." Trivedi's "seditious" cartoons all used symbols of state in commentary about government corruption.

This offending Trivedi cartoon shows “Corruption” about to rape “Mother India.” Trivedi’s “seditious” cartoons all used symbols of state in commentary about government corruption.

A cause and effect analysis technique used in the Six Sigma problem solving will reveal corruption is the root cause for many chronic problems in Malaysia.

These below are top issues have made Malaysia a sicken nation and an international pariah.

1. Corruption.

Corruption -> Vote buying -> Corrupt government -> Corruption [Unbreakable vicious circle]

2. Rent-seeking and no open tender.

Corruption -> Rent-seeking and black box operations -> Poor quality and cost over inflated public projects -> Rakyat suffer in safety and monetary losses.

3. Crime and social ills.

Corruption -> Police take bribe -> Poor discipline and efficiency in police -> Crime and social ills -> Rakyat suffer in safety and monetary losses.

4. Influx of foreign workers.

Corruption -> Businessmen bribe policy makers -> Public servants and police take bribe -> Influx of legal and illegal foreign workers -> Jobless and low pay for local workers -> Rakyat suffer in safety and monetary losses.

5. Over sized and low efficiency public services.

Corruption -> Political vote buying -> Over sized and low efficiency public services -> NEP fails and public projects delay and over budget -> Rakyat suffer in safety and monetary losses.

6. Racial and religious discrimination.

Corruption -> Tainted moral and value system -> Accept racial bias and stereotype as a social norm -> Selective and bias public policies -> Rakyat suffer in safety and monetary losses.

The crux of the problem is corruption is the mother of all problems.

All problems are actually caused directly or indirectly by the corruption. Under the rampant and systemic corruption in Malaysia, a ton of side problems are created and magnified thereof.

PM Najib has said nothing about corruption in his speech at the UMNO convention because UMNO itself is a corrupt body to the core.

BN especially UMNO is the culprit in creating corruption, do not hope BN cures itself without a shock therapy, that is becoming an opposition party after the GE13.

A Malay saying puts it in a right perspective, “Harapkan pagar, pagar makan padi.”

You and me may dislike PR in several policies and some PR big-head politicians, vote in PR is only slim and last chance to reduce and tackle corruption in Malaysia and strive for a better future for all Malaysians.

My recommendation is vote out BN at all costs in the polling booth.



Despite Malaysia’s high-profile anti-corruption crusade, half of the corporate executives surveyed by a global corruption watchdog believe that competitors have obtained business in the country through bribery.

Transparency International said Malaysia scored worst in the 2012 Bribe Payers Survey.

It asked nearly 3,000 executives from 30 countries whether they had lost a contract in the past year because competitors paid a bribe, and in Malaysia, 50% of them said ‘yes’.

Second on the dubious honor roll was Mexico, which was at 48%.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Japan was ranked as the world’s least-corrupt place to do business, with just 2% of respondents saying they had lost out due to bribery.

Malaysia’s neighbour Singapore was second-cleanest, which was at 9%.

Even Indonesia, with a long-standing reputation for corruption, fared better than more-developed Malaysia.

By comparison, 27% of respondents in China said they thought bribes had cost them business, the report said.

“It shows the attitude of private companies in Malaysia, indicating that bribery in the public sector could be systemic and in a sense institutionalized,” Paul Low, president of the Malaysian chapter of Transparency International, said.


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Manja says:

Sekarang masyarkat Melayu lebih tahu dan mereka menyedari akan amalan rasuah yang tidak terkawal di dalam parti UMNO, pentadbiran dan sektor sosial dan ekonomi – telah berlaku terlalu lama dan momentum mula menjadi lebih teruk dari sejak awal tahun lapan puluhan.

ariel says:

Malaysia Boleh!

jojo says:

enough of those sad tales we all familiar with.
just vote out BN aka UMNO.

Jat says:


ariel says:

People knew this fact.
But sadly they still keep BN in the office.

nkkhoo should be more explicit in his message i.e. vote out BN!

nkkhoo says:

When the corruption is becoming a culture in a society, people know it mean nothing to them except to practice it in daily life.

My friend in Kampong refused to bride Risda official, his rubber estate replant application was approved in half.

Can you image a half of 15 acres lot is approved for replant while another half is not?