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Saved RM 150 per month for not subscribing internet broadband service

Instead of subscribing to Unifi broadband after terminated a 8-year old Streamyx broadband, I have decided to stop subscribing Unifi broadband service.

The reason is Celcom sent me a lawyer letter for RM 70++ due payment which I have disputed the payment was settled.

Since Celcom and its parent company, TM is a monopolized broadband service provider in Cheras. Thus, say NO to Unifi is only legal protest I can make.

Anyway, I subscribed to Digi 3G’s RM30 monthly package for internet backup and also to keep RM500++ credit prepaid phone in active.

RM150 saved from Unifi can be better used for my breakfast expenses at a nearby Malay restaurant with free WIFI service. I can still access internet from my resident through 3G and hacked wifi channel. [Reminder: Wifi hacking is illegal in Malaysia.]

The annual saving is RM150 X 12 = RM1800. RM1800 is small for BN rich cronies, but it’s a big money for many poor families.

Another feasible option is sharing broadband bandwidth with your neighbors. Let say three families in a row share a Unifi account, each family can save RM100 per month or RM1200 per year. RM1200 can buy a mid-end smartphone or buy reading books for your kid.

If 100,000 families follows my advice, TM will losing RM 120 million revenue per year.

Why you are waiting for?

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qtrina says:

msian telcos spending too much money on advertisements on tv and newspaper, as well as sponsoring those useless concerts. therefore suckers who subscribe to their service are paying for these stuff.

nkkhoo says:

Kiasu, too much advertisement?

Why TM has to advertise too much? You either take it or leave it, you have no choice in 90% area in Malaysia for land-based broadband.

The only choice is TM.

ken says:

1GB of video ? sure or not ? You must be hanging out at Mamak place for many hours ? They may charge you to connect your pc to electric outlet ?

by the way, may be oyu can share with your readers some best sites to download videos, can or not ?

nkkhoo says:

Usually the place is deserted in the morning from 8-12 AM. I got the download speed of 500Kb/s++ and it takes less than 30 minutes to download 1G video.

This is simple math, 500Kb/s = 2.25 G Bytes/Hour

As long as I order drink or food, the wifi and power plugin services are free.

I only access youtube.con for normal videos and using B2B Xun Lei client for other alternative videos.

Kwok says:

Don’t be too 🙂
Digi receive the broadband spectrum from the trunk line of monopolistic TM ! So indirectly your monthly RM30 also partly goes to the crony pocket like it or not.

without UNIFI, you have intermittent signl watching your tonton or youtube channel or worse not able to appreciate the full HD pics of your favourite japanese AV stars !!!

Anyway, many kopitiam or roadside stall provide decent wifi service foc.

nkkhoo says:

I subscribed Digi 3G is mainly to activate my voice call which is a must service I cannot terminate.

I can easily download 1G video during my breakfast or lunchtime in mamak shop.