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Xavier Jayakumar must be axed to save PR's integrity

1. First, he defended Sepang Municipal Council by saying the Hindu altar is an illegal structure.

2. Then, he blamed Hindu Sangam for not educating Hindu followers that altar is an illegal structure.

3. Now, he blamed Sepang Municipal Council’s officials for suspicion of sabotage.

He only realized there was sabotage after three weeks.

What the next he is going to blame?

The God or the hammer or the reporter misreported his statement.

For a right thinking exco, he should first investigate the demolition is legal or not within a week before he blamed the house owner and Hindu Sengam.

Dr Xavier: Sepang council investigating if altar demolition was deliberate sabotage by certain officers

SHAH ALAM: Selangor executive councillor Dr Xavier Jayakumar said Monday that as the recent demolition of a Hindu altar within the premises of a house in Sepang was not sanctioned by Sepang Municipal Council (MPSp), the suspicion of sabotage has arisen.

The council has been given two weeks to get to the bottom of it.

“The action taken by certain officers was unilateral. There is reason to suspect this action is bordering sabotage,” said Dr Xavier in a statement.

He said the Mentri Besar and state exco were briefed by officials from the council last Wednesday, and was told that the MPSp president was neither consulted or informed of the action to demolish the structure.

“The Selangor Non-Muslim Affairs Council, co-chaired by exco members Ronnie Liu, Teresa Kok and myself, was also never informed of this action prior to it being taken.

He added that the state government had demanded all parties involved to begin an in-depth investigation, with MPSp given two weeks to submit their findings.

Dr Xavier said the MPSp enforcement officers who demolished the altar had directly breached the Standing Order, issued by the state government through the Non-Muslim Affairs Council, that forbids tearing down of religious structures.

“From 2008, we had instructed all local councils and land offices not to break any place of worship that had existed prior to 2008.

“At present, in Selangor we have at least 30 places of worship being built with complete approval given by the local councils and state government,” he said.

On Nov 20, the Sepang Municipal Council demolished the altar within the compound of a house in Taman Seroja, Bandar Baru Salak Tinggi.

House owner Umah Devi said she received a notice from the council to demolish it on grounds that the structure had violated council by-laws.

A second letter warned that she could be fined RM250 per day if she did not tear it down.

Last Friday, hundreds of people demonstrated in front of the Selangor State Secretariat building to demand a public apology from the state government over the demolition of the altar.

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Nicole says:


Pritam says:

as you posted, there are now many little napoleons whose brains being brainwashed to be loyal to their past n present paymaster. There will be many more sabotaging across the boards at all levels.
Bloggers like you if conscious enough would know the Greater Evil behind the plots.

qtrina says:

too bad many people easily deceived by The Star and Red Tomato.

nkkhoo says:

When PR is doing evil, they always blame the mass media.

qabila says:

memang media memihak BN, jangan lu nak nafi!

nkkhoo says:

But PR politicians still invite Star to press conference.

Boycott and stop mass media from attending press conference to prove PR is not hypocritical.

Raymond Sng says:

Sad to see people still read The Star.