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Another concrete proof to say Malaysia education is junk


Muhiddyin was proudly to announce more students score As in the public examinations, an indicator that our education standard is better than USA.

I do not know you believe it or not, but I believe our BN government in saying Malaysia education system is a world-class standard. 🙂

Malaysian 14-year-olds performed worse than their counterparts in Israel who chalked up 516 points, Lithuania (502) and Lebanon (449), but beat neighbouring Thailand, which scored 427 points on tests by a narrow margin.

There is a consolation price, Malaysian students are still performed better than a war-torn nation, Palestine.

What do you expect from a nation like Malaysia not supported by America?

Actually you do not need to see any international benchmark study to know the standard in mathematics and science for Malaysians.

The theories and interpretations on radioactive thorium by Green Perkasa are really eye-opening to me. There was not a single valid scientific point presented by Green Perkasa.

They either twist and turn the issue to misled the rakyat or they are truly blurred when come to math and science.

I believe they do not know what they are talking about from day one. They are naively to believe that they are living in an environment 100% free of radioactive materials and feel good for having a concrete home.

A genius even came out a new radioactive additive theory by adding up 6Bd/g to get a sum of Bg for total weight of WLP to prove WLP is more radioactive than uranium-235. 🙂

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Malaysia edging to bottom in maths and science, survey shows
December 12, 2012

Malaysia has consistently underperformed over the past three TIMSS assessments. — Reuters pic

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 12 ― Malaysian students trail their global peers in mathematics and science tests, according to the results of two international benchmarking studies released yesterday, with secondary schoolers also showing a decline from their predecessors.

Malaysians scored an average 440 points in mathematics in Form Two ― the equivalent to eighth grade worldwide ― in the latest Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) 2011, lagging behind Korea, Singapore, Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong and Japan, which occupied the top five spots worldwide.

Malaysian 14-year-olds performed worse than their counterparts in Israel who chalked up 516 points, Lithuania (502) and Lebanon (449), but beat neighbouring Thailand, which scored 427 points on tests by a narrow margin.

In science, Malaysians scored 426 points, tying with Syria and just pipping Palestine, Georgia and Oman, which totted up 420 points each in the tests.

They were bested by top scorer Singapore (590), Chinese Taipei (564), Korea (560), Japan (558), Israel (516), Kazakhstan (490) and Thailand (451).

The average score in the TIMSS is benchmarked at 500 points, with countries scoring above that considered to have improved their performance in the two subjects while those falling below that mark are regarded as underperformers.

TIMSS is a four-year global assessment of the mathematics and science knowledge of fourth and eighth graders worldwide, or Standard Four and Form Two according to Malaysia’s education system.

However, Malaysian students were graded only at the secondary level in the survey.

The TIMSS showed that Malaysia has consistently underperformed over the past three assessments in the two subjects considered necessary in the country’s race to break into the ranks of high-income nations.

In 2007, the average Malaysian 14-year-old scored 474 points in mathematics and 471 points in science in the TIMSS survey.

And in 1999, the average score for mathematics stood at 519 points and 492 points for science.

Education lobbyists, including the Parent Action Group for Education (PAGE), have blamed the government’s flip-flopping education policies ― especially in the teaching of mathematics and science ― for the drop in education standards.

The government recently launched the National Education Blueprint 2013-2025 with the aim to be in the top third of the Programme For International Student Assessment (PISA) test within the next 13 years.

The country is currently ranked in the bottom third.

But in its recent Budget 2013, the Barison Nasional (BN) government also slashed its education allocation from RM50 billion in the last budget, to RM38.7 billion, raising doubts about the ability of the educational blueprint in addressing the nation’s flagging education standards.

Analysts have also suggested that Malaysia’s aim of boosting its education standards through an ambitious overhaul of the national school system will not happen as long as politicians continue to be involved in drawing up its policies.

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Nam says:

Very good comments from the readers of this blog.
That iswhyI always look forward to the counter argument against nkkhoo’s opinion.

pinatan bang says:

macam mana nak minister only passed ugama in UM.dia peduli apa anak dia belajar di US.orang kampung kenalah ubah sikap.perkenalkan sistem macam di brunei.satu subjek BM yang lain foloew british syllabus.baru 2020 akan tercapai.ini tidak ada 3 kertas sejarah di SPM.buat apa.nak jadi hang tuahkah atau nak jadi seperti parameswara .bodohlah education minister.orang belajar teknoligi .ini budak kampung belajor sejarah

nkkhoo says:

The education system in Malaysia to make poor rakyat more “bodoh” and serve as cheap workers for UMNO elites.

bhaskar says:

Yesterday’s newspaper has shown a picture of First Lady Rosmah demonstarting how to mop floor. Perhaps she is hinting to the malays that soon they can be exported as maids to Indonesia?

Xiong Sheng says:

Now english teachers from India as Najib has said.

What about chinese language teachers from China to counter the shortage of chinese language teachers in chinese schools?

Jessie says:

Good idea for MCA to pursue to alleviate the shortage of chinese language teachers.

Grace says:

MCA gave lots of excuse but could be under pressure from Umno not to solve the problem of teacher shortage in Chinese schools. WKS is a poor performer!

Mac Davis says:

Muhyiddin wants to achieve 60:40 Science/Technical: Arts Stream ratio. He can boost all the numbers he wants, just as Mahathir and UMNO pushed the number of Malays in our universities by introducing the quota system, resulting in the current poor standards.

He is focusing on quantity, not quality since he has no clue as to what education is all about. Malaysia needs a different party to rule and it needs a minister of education who knows what education is all about!

Mac Davis says:

Read this:
Malaysia’s Education Disaster: The power to change the system is in our hands

ariel says:

Minister of Education Muhyiddin proudly said in March 2012 that our education system is better than that of the US, UK and Germany, using selective results from the World Economic Forum (WEF) Global Competitiveness Report statistics. However he chose to ignore this TIMSS 2011 findings.

Malaysia is currently ranked 26th out of 42 countries for maths scores, down from 16th in 1999. For science, Malaysia suffered the largest drop of 66 points (from 492 points to 426 points) of all countries over the same period, followed by Macedonia’s 51 points. This ranks Malaysia’s science score at 32nd out of 42 countries, compared with the ranking of 22nd in 1999.

Only 43% of Malaysian students could answer the question ‘What does xy + 1 mean?’ correctly (Answer: ‘Multiply x by y, then add one’), while only 67% of them knew that CO2 is the formula for carbon dioxide.

Jeff says:

Education Minister Muhyiddin should not indulge in the “syok sendiri” syndrome claiming that Malaysia has a better education system than “advanced nations” like United States, Britain and Germany, when we lagged behind many nations not in the “advanced” category.

Why is he ignoring the fact that Malaysia is lagging far behind the top-performing countries or “power houses” in maths and science from Asia, namely Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan.

There are even international studies which show that 15-year-olds in Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong and Shanghai are performing in international tests as though they have had three or more years of schooling than 15-year-olds in Malaysia.

nkkhoo says:

Muhyiddin shall proud for having you who say Lynas plant is another nuclear plant.

You shall thank BN to provide you world-class education.

Ress says:

And it’s really funny when “briliant” UITM’ers can receive recognitions from BEM Malaysia as qualified engineers & even enables them to pursue their studies in prominent universities such as Uni of Manchester,Leeds..with the help from the government.I met a Malay lady (a Lec in Uni) claiming completed her Masters in Engineering from Uni of Manchester.The beauty of the product is,she can’t utter even a single word in English…but…completed her Masters in UK.If you direct technical questions,she knows nothing! But When it comes to questions like “How many shopping complex are there in London e.t.c”…Wow!Her answers exploded like a TNT!Kaboom!

Raymond Sng says:

The education system here is not making students think as BN wants them to accept BN as it is however corrupted.

nkkhoo says:

That is why only 2 public universities’ elections won by pro-PR student unions.

Poh says:

Najib even get USM students to support him in Penang recently, with points given to their credits.

Nam says:

Raymond was pot on.Just look at Kak Listen.

qtrina says:

You came from local university, does that mean you are also a junk by product?
Be careful with your words, as you are actually ‘meludah ke langit’.

nkkhoo says:

Only idiots deny Malaysia education is not a junk.

A saying says a diamond is always a diamond. There are smart people from the junk system and perform better than kiasu in Singapore universities.

qabila says:

Taraf universiti Malaysia memang rendah bagi membolehkan banyak penuntut bumiputera dapat ijazah.
Sememangnya gitu. Tengoklah banyak yang menggangur tak dapat kerja lepas graduate!