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You will pull your hairs off after knowing Hong Kong broadband service is dirt cheap


1 Gigabit/s broadband package is sold at 199 Hong Kong dollars or 78.5 Ringgit.

Most of us are either to pay RM88 for 1 Megabit/s Streamyx and RM150 for 5 Megabits/s Unifi.

Hong Kong people have enjoyed 1000 time faster speed than 1M Streamyx at a slightly cheaper price. When Malaysians can enjoy 1G broadband service? I guess not earlier than 2020.

More insulting is Vietnam broadband service is also faster than Malaysia, but at the half price we paid to TM.

Wanna commit suicide after reading this post?

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Hex says:

I was directed by an email to your blog.
I enjoy the value added input from your readers.

Which telco plan is the best for browsing Internet for news with little downloading or little YouTube watching?
Any advice?

nkkhoo says:

Then wait for my readers to tell you.

azeer says:

use free mamak wi fi.

noraini says:

nkkhoo merajuk?

jojo says:

so your blog generates income for you ? so “green perkasa” better don’t play play.
we wonder if shifts gear if scientific findings favours the green ones ?
so we just have to wait if nkkhoo got to jump into Muar river.

nkkhoo says:

Did I sell my buttock for income?

Show me scientific evidence before asking for my support. I’m willing to apologize to Green Perkasa if there is new scientific evidence proofs I am wrong.

PLK says:

you can form your video-streaming fellowship program. Members download from internet (Japan AV starlets, TCS series like Little Nyonya, Documentaries etc)and share the programs. This way we can boycott crony’s Astro etc.
Nowaday a 1GB Portable Hard Disk are cheap; and Mamak for once being gracious enough to allow free wifi.

nkkhoo says:

Such no income business is always last option unless you have no better thing to do.

Gan says:

Many are addicted to Internet, so TM is like a drug dealer in this aspect.

Raymond Sng says:

Use free wifi at mamak and save your money on roti canai!

nkkhoo says:

Yes, that is the way to express our protest against the monopoly by TM.

qtrina says:

why waste your money on TM?
thank you nkkhoo for highliting this issue after he suffered so long.

nkkhoo says:

Are you from Mars? Every one in Malaysia knows TM is a monopoly in broadband internet.