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Anil Netto has screaming for a street food hawker museum for too long, yet only BN listens

I found Melaka city is occupied with too many museums, more than 20 for last count. Another golf museum was opened yesterday. But only four museums in Georgetown, and two of them are private sponsored museums.

Anil and many food lovers in Penang are screaming for a street food museum to disseminate the food culture and history to local and foreign visitors. Lim Guan Eng kept a deaf ear for last four years.

The owner of the Jawa mee stall does not know the origin of Jawa Mee when a foodie host from Taiwan TV station asked the question. The ignorance on our own culture is quite embarrassing for Penangites!

Finally, only BN opposition party is willing to take up the call to build a food museum or memorial hall if BN wins the GE13 in Penang.

After the bashing on PR government, I have to compliment LGE for his effort to make Botanical Gardens shining again by appointing an expert from UK to manage the dilapidated gardens.


今日威省.檳州美食揚名國際 鄧章耀:帶動小販業發展








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tunglang says:

A food museum is more than a record of food culture & history.
It can also be a tribute to Penang’s Ori-Meastros – the food sifus who for generations have contributed to a potpourri of heavenly street hawker cuisine that won accolades and is still winning hearts & gastronomical desires of food tourists the world over. It can also be a treasure trove of hawker food recipes that even SingLand finds it hard to recreate, not the least trying to attract the best Penang Ori-Maestros.
Like all things excellent and of state/national pride, why not have a Penang Street Food Museum?
Who would want to sample a foreign-corrupted ‘Bakso’ Koay Teow Th’ng which can happen or be claimed as Penang’s when we don’t have an original Penang cuisine anymore to promote on the streets & claim as original in a museum of timeless Ori-Maestro appreciation?

nkkhoo says:

Food museum in Sichuan China provides cooking class for traditional recipes.

PLK says:

nkkhoo if you are too obseesed with green perkasa your brain one day can turn green. so relax and watch japan av and don’t let green folks pollute your mind. ok

ariel says:

you only need a museum for relics or things of the past that can only serve for memory.

Penang street food is alive and kicking.
Tourists can easily eat to their hearts’ content at every corner of Penang. Why should they visit a museum to see a food on display?

Anyway, BN is looking for every opportunity to milk publicity.
Why not they heed anil’s other suggestion to cut down corruption?

nkkhoo says:

When museum is a place for displaying historical stuff only?

Who told you so? Green Perkasa told you so?

Pritam says:

since you watch taiwan food/travel channel iwalker 愛玩客
may be you can do an interview with it’sw another host hailed from Johor.

His name is Hero Tai 戴祖雄. His latest travel program was at Sri Lanka shown on Taiwan TV this week. Go check it out.

I think he is more decent than namewee, do you think so ?