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Wrong priority, AG has given power to JPJ to prosecute AES offenders, but not to MACC to prosecute corruptors


Attorney General Office has given authorization letter to JPJ for them to prosecute AES offenders.

BN government is more interested to reap money from the AES offenders than tackling corruption.

Besides, JPJ is super efficient in implementing AES than Penang Airport renovation project which is delayed for almost two years.

What you can do in legal way to lodge your protest against AES.

1. Do not pay AES summons until the court orders you to do so. This is to paralyze the court and JPJ with millions of offenders are waiting to be called up to court.

2. Vote out BN in GE13.

3. Accidentally bring your truck with front protection steel bar to knock down AES cameras. Your insurance company may have to pay for public property damage in the accident.

I do not recommend other actions like spraying red paint, tear down the camera with brutal force, etc. which are considered committing crimes under the Malaysian laws.

Recommendation for this post: Vote out BN

JPJ to proceed with AES implementation

RTD to roll out all 831 AES cameras by year end

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 9 —- The federal government is going full steam ahead with installing the Automated Enforcement System (AES) to catch speeding motorists by year end despite public unhappiness over the privatisation of a core policing function.

The Road Transport Department (RTD) will continue with setting up the speed trap cameras at 831 spots nationwide before the new year for the safety of road users, its director-general, Datuk Solah Mat Hassan said today.

“We will not postpone our plan to implement the AES because it is a noble effort and in no way, a punishment to motorists,” he was reported by state news agency Bernama as saying in Kuala Terengganu before a closed-door meeting with state RTD officers.

He told reporters the number of traffic offences had dropped by three-quarters since the AES cameras were introduced.

Solah was reported confirming that 14 cameras have been set up nationwide: seven in Perak, two in Selangor, and five in the federal territories of Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya.

He was reported that a further four cameras were mobile units.

Solah was reported saying the RTD was still willing to meet with those opposed to the scheme to clarify the project’s objectives.

“If there are individuals who want to meet us, the JPJ is willing to oblige,” he was quoted as saying.

“There will always be people for, and against, the (AES)… such incidents are expected as it also occurs in other countries,” Bernama reported him saying in reply to the Selangor Pakatan Rakyat (PR) government’s move to cover up the two AES cameras in the state and block its operations.

The PR state government has barred the roll out of the controversial system to catch speeding motorists in Selangor, saying the move is unlawful.

It has also said it is ready to go to court over the disputed matter.

Selangor was previously reported to have said it will shut down two AES cameras in the state — one located at Km6.6 on the South Klang Valley Expressway (SKVE) and another located near Jalan Bangi towards Cyberjaya, but backed down after the state legal advisor urged them to give Puytrajaya more time.

The Sepang Municipal Council has also instructed the company which installed the cameras, Beta Tegap Sdn Bhd, as well as the Road Transport Department (JPJ) to shut down the cameras themselves, council president Mohd Sayuthi Bakar said on December 7.

“The shutdown of the cameras is as per the notice under Section 72(1) c of the Street, Drainage and Building Act 1974 issued on December 6 (Thursday),” he said in a statement then.

Mohd Sayuthi said the council would take suitable action according to the law after the notice reached its due date.

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Poh says:

AES and Lynas, two big mistakes of BN, could be costly in GE.

nkkhoo says:

Lynas issue will awake neutral voters that PR is suck as BN in politics. They still have an option, NO VOTE.

I hope no one kill in the Kuantan blockage by Green Perkasa.

I will burn down someone car if the car blocks my way in Muar or KL in an illegal protest.

I think many angry road users will act like me especially when you bring you wife to hospital for delivery.

ariel says:

Malaysians like to do last minute thing, inclusing rushing their wife to hospital for delivery. They should ward their wives at least 2 days prior to delivery dates. When you drive recklessly in the name of rushing your wife to hospital, you are endangering the lives of other road users.

nkkhoo says:

There are tons of emergency cases you cannot plan, use your brain to talk, not your ball.

Anyway, I will burn down any car or smashing the car with iron bar blocking my way purposely.

I did so in Penang when a young Penangite blocked my car due to a small dispute on a traffic light.

I was in the wrong side in the case, but it did not mean he could block my car illegally.

I told him he wanted to keep his car or not before I smashed it with an iron bar, he drove away after my warning. Then he called up his policeman friend to “see” me. I asked the policeman who is the guy to block the road. The policeman told the guy go home without even issue me any summons for beating the traffic light.

Go smash any car blocking your way to pieces in Kuantan because the blocking is illegal and intend to sabotage the public order and economy in Pahang. Then moved the car away to restore traffic flow.

Restore the public order with reasonable force by the civilians is legal, this is not different with you helping police to arrest a criminal in large.

Be careful, these Green Perkasa may bring together weapon to stop civilians to move away their cars.

Take photos to keep evidence and call in police instead of fighting with them if they bring weapon to threaten road users.

Raymond Sng says:

Why AES must be contracted to cronies?

That is why many people are frustrated and angry!

nkkhoo says:

Some people cannot understand the mood of rakyat and still try to right the wrong thing.

Gan says:

BN will lose lots of votes because of this AES.

ctchan says:

Khoo NK, the main point or objective of AES is that no one should be captured by it. In this respect, what is paramount important is to alert the road user of the AES.

Instead of electing sigh boards, road gantries, etc. another approach is to implement a AES alert system, just like another AES, but the AES-alert system well infront of the AES so that all road users are alerted. This can be achieved by having a AES-alerts-respond gadget implemented in all cars.

Btw, it make good sense when a system implementation is acompanied by:
1) an alert system
2) a review system

nkkhoo says:

This is your imagined objective for AES, not BN government’s objective.

Ideally there must be a GPS monitoring system on speed in very vehicle, no one can escape from over speeding summons.

ctchan says:

what ever imagination or the system, the objective is how to get people reduce speeding effectively.

nkkhoo says:

You are too naive in politics.

Install speed camera at 60km/h road section is not for your safety.

BN government has to fill budget deficit by hook or by crook.

Income department sent me a letter recently says I still owe them some money although all previous letters say I was clean from any debt.

ctchan says:

Having the AES operation data, Can check if the AES installation by replacing it with human, see if necessary or less amount of summones are issued, then fine tune..

NB: naivety in politics can be an advantage, depending on situations

nkkhoo says:

This is something Singapore government will do, that is another advantage for too naive in politics. 🙂

You should support BN to see they follow through your suggestions. They will read your comments and listen to you.

BTW, all AES data collected will be declared official secret soon.

kkk says:

Ex Transport Minister Ong Tee Keat on 8TV Sunday talk show clearly hinted the execution of AES is not per what he expected i.e approach is different from what he was aware of while he’s in charge.

go tonton to watch if you don’t believe.

AES now a reliability to MCA. Kong should know that rakyat $ is not anybody Ah Kong’s (grandfathers)

Nkkhoo: Do you mean liability?

qtrina says:

AG, PDRM, MACC are the three unholy trinity set up to serve Umno. The fourth one is EC, that do the dirty tricks for Umno once every four years.

ctchan says:

Thanks for the informative post..

If we reckon the AES like the refree in a football match, sometimes they may make wrong refreeing due to perculiar situations. One solution is to implement a video camera system (operating 24/7) in addition to the AES so that any arguments can be reviewed.

In this respect, the football federation has agreed to implement a video/camera system to dectect mis-judge goals..

Also, road gantries informing the operation of AES shall also be elected well in front of the AES to alert the road users for its effectiveness.

nkkhoo says:

CT, you miss the main point. AES is mainly for UMNO’s cronies to steal money from the rakyat.

The RM200,000 per piece AES is equipped with a high resolution camera, the evidence of guilty is never a contention from the rakyat.

I have challenged Transport Minister to refund AES summonses if the statistics says no significant reduction in road accident rate after AES implementation.