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iPhone 5 or Galaxy S3: which should you buy?


I definitely go to Samsung Galaxy S3 if I wanna dispose my N82 smartphone. Anyway, my N82 is still serving my needs like GPS navigation, GPS-photo taking, voice call (need to repair broken microphone) and SMS calls perfectly. There is no valid reason to spend money on a new phone gadget unless my dad is as rich as Sarawak Chief Minister, Talib.

The only drawback is the support from Samsung’s local distributor is quite suck.

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JH says:

What should I buy? Certainly the RM200 rebate from Najib cannot qualify for such phones. Najib thought young people can now syiok with cheap phones. BN is certainly out-of-touch of the sentiments and aspiration of the young generation!

ariel says:

Sad to see on Facebook that many young malaysian girls are offering their virginity in exchange for iPhone 5.

Yoman says:

Buy the system that suits one better 😀

iOS for the simplicity and relatively hassle free operation.

Android for better “value” as in hardware specification.

ariel says:

CCTV news reported that the cost of manufacturing a iPod5 is USD200, and you are paying a premium of USD800!

Samsung is a better choice.
Apple is losing out on innovation after the death of Steve Jobs.
Look at ipad mini, a lousy product at very high price. Instead of iPad mini, i opt for Nexus 7 with 32GB on android!

nkkhoo says:

Foxconn makes USD 5 per phone from the manual assembly job and its industrial wastes are not exported to USA.

Anyway, USD 5 is better than prostituting women in a nation in SEA. Malaysia will joining that country with the green perkasa rejecting any industry from outside.

Prostitution is free from any environment pollution, Green Perkasa should support sin business with open arms.

Foxconn’s margin used to be 15%. Foxconn’s turnover is about USD 100 billion per year and let say 10% margin will still make USD 10 billion for the company.