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No wonder young people are talking rubbish on scientific argument


My goodness, it’s less than 20 % [What is the actual figure? 5%? 10%] enrollment in the science stream nowadays. There was at least 50% students enrolled into science stream in my olden days.

How to achieve developed nation status by 2020 with such a low percentage of students studying science and engineering courses?

No wonder I found I liked talking to “lembu” in Lynas issue with the Green Perkasa.

Now I realize the root cause of the problem. 🙁

The decline of quality


Politicians have been busy confronting with each other and all they care now is just votes. I believe that they have neglected the latest Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) results.

According to the study, Malaysia had encountered the greatest drop among the 59 countries in 2011. Averagely, Malaysian students scored 474 points in mathematics in 2007 but 440 points in 2011, falling from the ranking of 26th to 20th. As for science, Malaysian students scored 471 in 2007 and 426 in 2011, falling from 21st to 32nd.

Although the scores and rankings attract more attention, I am more concerned about the decline of quality among students and the younger generation.

Deputy Prime Minister and Education Ministry Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin pointed out last month that the Ministry targeted 60% of new Science stream students nationwide, but achieved only less than 20%. Therefore, the government would take various measures to increase the number of Science stream students, including considering tax breaks for parents.

The TIMSS results reflected the factors behind the sharp decline in the number of Science stream students. Students are unable to master Mathematics and Science when they lack the ability to think logically. How would they dare to choose Science stream if they are not good in the subjects?

According to the National Education Blueprint preliminary report, out of 74 countries participating in PISA 2009+, Malaysia performed in the bottom third for Reading, Mathematics, and Science. The results of PISA and the TIMSS have consistently proven that the ability of in-depth thinking among Malaysian students are still at a low level.

The lack of in-depth thinking ability will cause people unable to solve problems with knowledge. It could even lead to the lack of analytical skills. These have explained why there are so many problems in the country.

Politics is chaotic as politicians lack the ability to think. As a result, they make incoherent statements. The rare earth refinery issue has exposed the brutal facts.

A recent report pointed out that many people, including artists and dignitaries, believe that spiritualists and shamans can cure them and as a result, many were cheated and some women were even raped. According to the police, a total of 243 people were cheated in the first 10 months of this year and Chinese alone accounted for 93 people. The total amount of losses involved is as high as RM12,499,665.

If fake spiritualists can turn believers into billionaires overnight, why do they still need to work? Who to blame if we are fooled because we cannot think logically?

Meanwhile, the popularity of the Internet has also weakened the people’s ability to think as nowadays, everyone just browses the Internet and resulted in the fall of concentration and interpretation ability. Therefore, they just parrot what others say.

The results of the annual government examinations, including the UPSR, PMR, SPM and the STPM have been getting better year by year and more and more people have scored straight As. Is it because the authority has lowered the standards or the examination candidates have precisely spotted the questions, causing the government not aware of the decline of quality?

The quality of the people must be above “average” to successfully transform the economy and turn the country into a high-income state.

Politicians should stop the war of words and pay more attention to education as the top priority now is to enhance the people’s quality.

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HTK says:



KY Ong says:

Our university students are an unthinking lot, supporting bullies, not seeing the hollowness of the bully and unable to analyse the stupidity of the arguments put forward by Sharifah (a.k.a. Kak Listen of SW1M).

This is the result of brainwashing through years of so called education in Malaysia, from Primary (or even kindegarden) through secondary/tertiary. It is not only the Education System under years of Umno/BN abuse but the Whole Malaysian System that has gone so so bad that it will probably take a decade or more to correct and improve under a new government if we are lucky.

nkkhoo says:

I think perfects and class monitors in the schools must be chosen by students through a democratic election to train up critical thinking of students as early as possible.

I was chosen as a class monitor by the classmates during my Form 4 in a new school, but the grassroots collective decision was turned down by my Form Teacher.

I was never in the preferable list for school perfect and monitor in the rural schools due to my rebellious attitude against authorities although I was in the top for academic study.

Long hair is not allowed for male but long beard is ok in the school, thus I kept my beard as long as possible like a Muslim ulamak. 🙂

A headmaster did cut long hair himself, a rare record for many secondary students.






在肥料放面:把辐射废料做成肥料比较常听过,因为适量的放射性元素能改变植物基因让它快速成长和结出更大的果实!要把辐射废料做成肥料并不须特别的提炼加工,只要根据国际接受的“所谓安全辐射水平”就过关了!(这对消费者是不公平的)比如5%是安全水平,他们就在50公斤里的肥料加入2.5公斤的辐射废料,就这样取巧的过关了,要做肥料很简单,肥料的主要原料是泥土,只要把辐射废料参进泥土搅匀加上氮,磷,和钾元素就是肥料了,当让还可以加一些微量元素,如果稀土废料真的做成肥料 ,那么很肯定的稀土废料辐射元素最后就是吃进我们的肚子里!!!


nkkhoo says:

Another nonsense talk based on imagination.

dennis says:

Better follow your heart in Lynas issue as damage is irreversible.

nkkhoo says:

Even I know support Lynas is equal to support BN, this is called true consciousness. Only Confucianism teaching covers the topic, not in religion.

You do not need to be a religion follower if you want to be a conscious man. I know some religions allow you to cleanse all sins by merely visiting a holy place. This may explain why corruption is so rampant in Malaysia.

Jeff says:

Peninsular Malaysia would be dead meat if the inevitable happens & to think that it could never happen is fool hardy. The Chernoybl meltdown was not supposed to happen & neither was the Fukushima Nuclear Plant in Japan.

In the event of an accident, the fallout could reach within an area of 80 km radius, wiping out Kuantan, Pekan, Kemaman & most of the areas around Pahang & Terengganu. Long term, the 2 states will be rendered useless & un-liveable. It simply is illogical to site a Rare Earth Refinery so near to a large population & in such a small country.

nkkhoo says:

You are the standard product of poor math and science education in Malaysia. Thank for coming forward for me to get another example to support my point.

A friend of mine with an engineering university degree from a local university said hydrogen fuel is too dangerous because it will explode like hydrogen bomb like you to believe rare earth plant is another nuclear plant.

This is another “scientific fact” for Green Perkasa, “Hydrogen fuel will explode like a hydrogen bomb.” This info is useful when you run another protest against hydrogen car.

You and him should form a club called Malaysian scientific fool club. Million Malaysians are qualified for such club.

Tertiary education in Malaysia is truly a donkey standard.

ariel says:

The Ministry of Education has been deliberately manipulating the Math and Sciences standards for the PMR and SPM examinations to artificially increase the pass rate. Our education syllabus has been “dumbed down” so that more students will be able to do better for their examinations.

Such deliberate attempt to dumb down our syllabus and lowering the passing marks for the examination subjects is a key reason for the declining standard of our education system. The Ministry of Education has over the years simplified the syllabus and lowered passing marks in order to give the perception of improving performance, which is measured by the number of passes and “A”s achieved in these examinations.

Our Malaysian young will learn less in school, while needing to know and understand even less to secure a pass or obtain an “A” in the examinations. This saddening outcome is now proven by the TIMSS, which showed how Malaysia is the country where its students suffer from the fastest declining standards for both Mathematics and Science.

The New Education Blueprint (NEB) must openly admit and aggressively address the deliberate “dumbing down” of our education system. The Preliminary NEB report has not only completely neglected the above, it has to the contrary, sung praises for our students’ academic achievements in the PMR and SPM examinations. If the Minister of Education, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin fails to reverse the dumbing down process and start increasing standards in our examinations and syllabus, then he can be assured that not only the NEB will fail miserably, Malaysia will continue to drop down the TIMSS scores and ranking in the future.

nkkhoo says:

Modern math already degraded to rubbish standard in 80s, and my nephew sit for SPM in 2009 told me it was even worst then.

The majority of Chinese students in my science class all scored above 90 marks, and I forgot I scored how many 100 full marks in modern math. Yet many Malay students were struggling to pass 60 marks.

To remind my readers, I scored 100 full marks in modern math not because I was smart, but the syllabus standard is too low.

In a final exam, my teacher decided to borrow UK O-level standard math paper to test us. The result was amazing, most Chinese students failed to pass 60 marks. Sorry to say I was only one passing 85 marks with A grade. I failed to score 100 marks as usual for the test.

A grade should be achieved by top 1 or 2 % students only, not 30-40% students as you see now.