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I can feel when I grow to 80 year old


The way I walk for last three days is exactly like my old mum, a big babe walking style.

Do not know this is a new strain of flu, the flu side effect is like combining German measle and fever. The cold and fever come to attack intermittent. The cold is radiated from the inside body, cover with blankets does not keep the body warm. And the fever will attack the body after the cold goes away. This is like living in an icy and oven room interchangeably.

Apakah Tanda-tanda dan Simptom Virus Influenza A (H1N1) Terhadap Manusia?

Simptom Virus Influenza A (H1N1) ini terhadap manusia adalah sama dengan simptom selesema biasa seperti demam, batuk, sakit tekak, sakit badan, pening kepala, sejuk dan kelesuan. Ada juga sesetengah kes cirit-birit dan muntah yang berkait dengan selesema burung yang dilaporkan.

Pada masa yang lepas, beberapa penyakit (kegagalan paru-paru dan sistem pernafasan) dan kematian telah dilaporkan dengan jangkitan selesema babi dalam manusia. Seperti virus selesema bermusim, selesema babi boleh menyebabkan keadaan kesihatan kronik.

The symptoms in my body are meeting all criteria listed in the government website.

The cold is terrible like German measle, the cold is severe as sleeping overnight on Gunung Ledang’s mountain top without any sleeping bag, an experience I had never forgotten. The chilling is gone into the bone.

Totally no appetite and the stomach does not feel hungry at all even I have emptied the stomach for 24 hour. In order to keep life going on, my staple food for last three days are yogurt, half-boiled eggs, bananas and papayas.

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fong says:

what goes around comes around.
as you continue to swaer at many “GP” folks some with ugly names, these in thousands may just curse you back in magnitude of thousands of times hence you feel unwell now.
since you don’t believe in God, at least you now feel the power of karma ???

nkkhoo says:

The mother nature will strike back hard one day. This is only karma I believe. Green Perkasa idiots believe in burning fossil fuel is safer than nuclear fuel and hydro power.

May be Panda super flu originated in Putrajaya will kill billions of humans in future.

dennis says:

No good for your mental health if you associate anything with your green perkasa thing. Learn to let go to achieve peace in your mind. Otherwise you may live beyond 80 but with a disturbed mind.

nkkhoo says:

My mind is more peaceful than Green Perkasa, otherwise I will tie a bomb in my body, run into Parliament and threaten BN government with violence like Green Perkasa threatened Kuantuan Authorities with traffic blockage.

ctchan says:

Khoo NK, take care and wish you get well soon..
Btw, I heard that fish can get influenza as well, is that true? (not shown in the posted figure)

nkkhoo says:

May be some doctors can enlighten you on this.

ctchan says:

Search from the internet: Influenza “Isaviruses” infect fish

nkkhoo says:

Fish breeders and hobbyists will tell you many fish diseases are caused by viruses.

Sean says:

may be you have contracted “Gree Pee” fever ?
better go to garden for nature green walk to recuperate fast.