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More gifts from BN after GE 13


AES suspension is a political-motivated action, nothing to do with legal reason. PM Najib is a smart person, actually is over cautious for taking political risk to ram through unpopular AES before GE 13.

The privatized AES cannot be canceled? No, it can but the ministers have to return 5% commission paid by the companies first. The hardware cost is inflated 10 times from RM 80 million to 800 million to maximize commission payment to our BN ministers.

Do you believe RM4 million kick back is worth the political risk?

RM40 million is a minimum kick back to BN ministers based on inflated project cost.

There are gifts from BN if they win in GE 13,

1. Goods and Services Tax implementation. (I partly support it with a condition poor rakyat are not affected)

2. AES full implementation. (I support it only after no-privatization and install cameras at the black spots in the highways and Federal trunk roads only)

3. Another one million Malaysians are added into income tax payee roll after taking BR1M baits. (I fully support it)

4. Water and electricity tariffs will be adjusted upward tremendously. (I fully against it)

5. Food subsidy will be limited to products sold in 1Kedai Malaysia. (I fully against it)

6. Petrol and gas subsidy will be cut tremendously. (I partly support it)

7. Parking fees at all small towns in Malaysia. (I fully against it)

We were right all along, says Guan Eng
Wednesday, December 19, 2012 – 15:18
by Meena Lakshana
by Azril Annuar

PAKATAN RAKYAT leaders said the move to freeze AES prosecutions is a “vindication” of the decision by PR-held states not to allow the setting up of the AES cameras.

Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng said the move confirmed that the PR-controlled states “have been right all along”.

“This shows that Penang’s decision has been correct even though we were heavily criticised by (Transport Minister) Datuk Seri Kong Cho Ha. We are not seeking a victory of might but a vindication of right,” he said.

Lim also believed that the Attorney-General’s Chambers had no choice in the matter following public outcry against the implementation of the AES.

“The attortney-general should refund all the monies to the offenders,” he said.

Selangor executive councillor Ronnie Liu said the attorney-general’s decision was a “small achievement for PR-led state governments” but he remained sceptical.

“Why did he (AG) take so long to say this?” he said.

“This must be a political intervention because they are so worried of losing the elections.”

Liu also said it was only right that those who had paid the summonses to be refunded and to cancel the remaining summonses issued to motorists.

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Anabelle says:

“Short term gains leading to Long term pains”.

The main problem with humans is that most are short-sighted. That’s why Umno/BN is dishing out immediate goodies – cash handouts. If Umno/BN wins, the Rakyat will be in for “long term pains”!

Mayan 211212 says:





Mayan 211212 says:

马华蔡细历,不止大炮,原来还会马后炮, AES交通执法系统暂且搁置,马华蔡细历马上开口表示,希望有关当局尽快退还之前已缴付AES罚款的民众。

可笑的是,在AES 交通执法系统实行时,没有一个马华的党员站出来公开反对这项措施,在民联政府与民众大力反对施压下和大选日期接近种种原因下,国阵政府唯有暂且搁置这项执法系统。

这时候! 蔡细历跳出来了!表面上好像是非常关心已缴付AES 交通罚款的民众不能拿回已缴付的款项,而好心帮忙呼吁有关当局尽快归还这些款项。


Jeff says:

Knowing rakyat are against AES, CSL suddenly changed tune to go against AES while the Transport Minister Kong who running away from press as too afraid to comment. MCA is really a tool of Umno.