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What is enjoyable life?

I only manage to eat a bowl of porridge at 3 AM, 19 Dec 2012 after more than 4 days of taking abnormal food like Yogurt, papaya, etc.

What is enjoyable life?

My answer is you can drink, eat, walk, shit and sleep in normal pace and peace. Money will not buy your health and happiness.

The next enjoyable life is too see a new government in Malaysia to replace the super corrupt BN government in my lifetime.

The last enjoyable life is to watch Japan’s animal TV shows (not porno shows, I mean real animal show). It sounds childish, but the habit will reduce your blood pressure and prolong your lifespan.

How you feel when you see a young wild boar carries a little monkey friend?

Different animals can make friend, while the human beings are killing each others since homo sapeins can walk with two legs.

little monkey on a wild boar

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dennis says:

Enjoyable life is spending money on gadgets without worry for tomorrow when you get BR1M.

fong says:

the most enjoyable moment will be when those corrupted folks are brought to justice to serve reminders to rakyat not to practise corruptions at all levels !!!!