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Indonesian president's integrity is protected by Indonesians

UMNO’s deadwood learned from the China Communist Party to use “the dog of imperialism” to call Habibie. He was naively to believe Indonesians will dancing with him.

He got a big blow from Indonesians regardless of political division who all condemned Zainuddin’s insulting remarks.

Malaysian ex-PM Mahathir openly insulted our ex-PMs like Tunku Abdual Rahman and Ahmad Badawi is never an Indonesian culture.

Malaysian Prime Minister’s integrity is destroyed by its own Prime Minister.

If this is not a bodoh thing, then what you can say about PM (Mahathir) insults ex-PM (Tunku Abdul Rahman) and ex-PM (Mahathir) chided PM (Abdullah Badawi) openly.

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Rajesh says:

Umno’s Zainudin Maidin is a disgrace for bringing shame of our nation to the Indonesians!